Super Totally Ultimate Dad Showdown – Hidden Achievements Guide

Most of the achievements for this game are self explanatory, and/or have descriptions. I made this guide primarily to cover the hidden achievements, since I noticed a lot of people were having trouble finding them.

How to Obtain All Hidden Achievements

Demolitionist Dad

  • Begin the Shopping Spree Level. Head into the garden supply section. Pickup a propane tank from one of the shelves on the left and throw it.

Note: The object does not have to hit a player.

Secret Eugene

  • Finish the Neighborhood Stroller Race, then walk into one of the two large rocks on either side of the finish line.

Tactical Tunnel

  • Begin the Penny Pincher level as a child. Make your way to the laundry room, and crawl through the air vent.

Note: You must have more than one player to obtain this achievement. You cannot play as the child in a solo game.

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