BattleBeasts – Starter Guide

In this guide I help you with a quick start into BattleBeasts!

How to Get Started

Getting Wood

The first and most important thing to do is to collect some wood. Since you don’t have an axe yet to cut down trees you need to collect it from the ground. To collect things use the ‘F’ button on your keyboard.

There is two things you can collect to obtain wood.

Crafting Tools

If you got enough wood you can start on crafting an axe and pickaxe.

To do that open your inventory with the ‘Tab’ button. Inside your inventory click onto the ‘Crafting’ tab.

Once there you can craft an axe and pickaxe. You need 20x Wood to craft both of them.

If you have crafted them you need to right click onto them in your inventory to equip them. Now you can select them in your hotbar with the ‘1’ and ‘2’ button.

Farming Stone, Iron Ore and Crystals

After you got a pickaxe you can now farm stone, iron ore and crystals.

Iron Ore is a pretty bright stone with a greenish tint.

There is different types of crystals spread around the map and sometimes even on hidden locations.

Building a Base

If you want to get started on building a base you need to craft a blueprint.

After you got a blueprint you need to equip it. You can equip a blueprint inside of your inventory or put it into your hotbar.

Holding right mouse button will open the build menu. With selection a part and clicking on it you can start placing it.

Tip: Using a hammer you can destroy structures or upgrade them!

Getting Food

You can collect berries and mushroms all over the island to eat. When swimming inside of a lake you can also drink water.



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