Bahamian Rhapsody – Complete Walkthrough with All Endings

How to Get All Endings

Ana’s Good Ending

  • Shakira
  • I perfer to go with the flow
  • Tell Ellie she’s being rude
  • I’ll only eat protein
  • You have to tell us!
  • He’s a brave man
  • I like to try all sorts of new food
  • I’m not into guys
  • I’m a comedian,I can take it
  • You should sell those toys online
  • Rub Ellie’s back
  • Say nothing
  • Thanks for everything
  • White wine
  • Better way to make a statement
  • Shrimp Salad
  • Lucky you’re here
  • Maybe you shouls say the closing statement!
  • It would have been an awesome party
  • White wine
  • To the caribbean
  • Do what it takes to get business done

(Save 1)

  • Kiss Ana

Ana’s Bad Ending

(Load Save 1) and select Do nothing.

  • Ellie’s Good ending
  • Pablo Escobar
  • Read and memorised
  • Ask julie to calm down
  • People don’t mind fat comedians
  • Don’t worry about it
  • He pissed his career away
  • I perfer to stick to things i know
  • I’d never do that to Julie!
  • She knows what it takes to make it
  • Let me get you a whisky
  • Order another drink
  • Tell Her To take it easy
  • Will you de okay?
  • Pint of lager
  • I’m sure it will all work out.
  • Fisherman’s Basket
  • You look like you do
  • Let it go,no one cares
  • Nice there aren’t too many people
  • Cuba libre
  • To future love
  • There are a lot of moral questions here

(Save 1)

  • Kiss Ellie

Ellie’s Bad Ending

  • (Load Save 1) and select Turn away.

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