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Mass Effect Legendary Edition - How to Defeat Thresher Maw

Written by Zipacna   /   Updated: May 15, 2021    

Anyone can do it in ME2 and in ME1 as well (you just have to jump out of the Mako).

Guide to Beat Thresher Maw

  • Step 1: Go to a Planet/Moon with Thresher Maws (e.g. Xawin - Strenuus System - Horse Head Nebula).
  • Step 2: Weaken it with the Mako until the Life Bar is basically empty.
  • Step 3: Hit it a few times with a good Sniper and dodge some acid. That's it.


  • Just swerv around the acid and use the thrusters 100% of the time whenever possible.

Written by Zipacna.