Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Exploit to Max Out Your Paragon/Renegade

How to Max Out Your Paragon/Renegade

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Paragon or Renegade Points

The points represent morality as a single sliding scale of good and evil, Mass Effect keeps track of the Paragon and Renegade points on separate scales. A good action will not make up for an evil one; therefore, being nice occasionally will not stop people from fearing a killer or remove the reputation of an unsympathetic heel, but nor will the occasional brutal action significantly damage the reputation of an otherwise upstanding soldier. This also means there is no gameplay-driven motivation for avoiding a particular type of action.Commander Shepard’s Paragon and Renegade scores affect the availability of special “good” or “bad” dialogue options with significant impact. In Mass Effect, a higher score will unlock potential ranks for the Charm and Intimidate skills, where Shepard must invest skill points to make new dialogue choices available. In Mass Effect 2 the skills no longer exist; instead, the Paragon/Renegade scores unlock extra dialogue options directly.

Paragon points are gained for compassionate and heroic actions. The Paragon measurement is colored blue. Points are often gained when asking about feelings and motivations of characters. Paragon or Charm dialogue choices (colored blue in dialogue trees) often lead to people being more open and friendly with Shepard, and can sometimes avert entire battles that would otherwise be triggered.

Renegade points are gained for apathetic and ruthless actions. The Renegade measurement is colored red. Many sarcastic and joking remarks are assigned Renegade points. Renegade or Intimidate dialogue choices (colored red in dialogue trees) generally lead to people disliking and even fearing Shepard, and occasionally “encourage” people to tell or give more than they otherwise would. Like with Paragon/Charm options, Shepard can sometimes avert entire battles that would otherwise be triggered.

This bug might affect your Mass Effect 2 experience since most of your points if not all will carry over if you transfer save files if you play this first time i don’t recomand it but is your call.

Once you have access to galaxy map you need travel to Noveria where you will need to get a garage pass. There 2 ways doing this but the one you want is to go and do Lorik’s mission, complete it as you like and when you get out if you must agree to meet with Gianna Parasini which will wait for you in the bar where Lorik is on your right as you enter the bar. You need agree that you will try to convince Lorik to testify against Anoleis once you did this go to Lorik and choose the following dialogues.

Testify Against Anoleis

Choose Paragon or Renegade option(depends which one you want max, you can also max both if you want and you will get +25 each).

Finish the convesation and talk to Lorik this time you need pick Matriach Benezia another question and after again Testify against Anoleis and you can skip the conversation with your action button.

This bug might be fixed or not so make sure you exploit it if you want.

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