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Memories - Achievements List (English)

Written by Danda   /   Updated: May 16, 2021    

List of All Achievements (English)


  • Unlock Nancy's chains

Looking for memories

  • Learn all the plot content at the lowest water level

Wrong route

  • Nancy failed to escape

Master of Memory

  • Completed the metal Hebrew alphabet code with just one try

Claw machine master

  • Caught the doll in one go


  • Lao Jin successfully broke free


  • Tribute to the arcade era


  • The door opened...

Secret love

  • Found the hidden photo of Nancy Zhu Yuqiang


  • Could it be that...Zhu Yuqiang is a pig head?


  • The safe box code was entered incorrectly 10 times

Movie star

  • Unlocked all videos


  • Clear the game without fail


  • More than 3000 clicks in the game

Memory reappearance

  • Unlocked all the video content in the character relationship graph

Super fans

  • Unlocked all achievements

Written by Danda.

Game:   Memories