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Tips for Gameplay

All credit goes to Vigilant!

Top Tip

  • Speed is everything; You can flank quicker, advance on enemies quicker, and flee quicker. You’re also harder to hit unless there’s a (decent) Annie around.
  • Pickup Hermes Knee Pads every damn time you find ’em. Every. Damn. Time.
  • Always drop unnecessary weight. If you have the ability to eat food for souls take advantage of that. I always eat my big food ASAP as it’s the heaviest.
  • Use the Sprint ability as soon as you get it. If you don’t have it yet, get it. I don’t have Sprint III but I do have Jump III which is a great ability when combined with a jump trap to quickly jump on enemies (Traps are important and are best used on yourself, we’ll get to that later).


  • I don’t even pickup guns I know I hate using. Pistols and pistol ammo are unnecessary weight that I’d rather save for moving quickly (Mauser Mod can be an exception). I also don’t even touch bolties (personal preference) and rarely touch any of the MP variations (advice). PPSH/PPD*, Thompson*, Reising*, M1921AC, Erma, Beretta are my top choices, but I’ll always pickup something automatic as long as it’s fire rate isn’t below 500.
  • Dont just look for body and head armor, pick up every piece of armor. You can make up for the weight by dropping unneeded mags, food and other junk, or by finding Hermes.
  • Yes fridges are important.
  • Orbital fridges are a great way to get good loot and attract other teams for a fight. Use your flare guns when you can.


  • Like Ghost said, don’t be afraid to fight. It’s the only way you’re going to get better. My group and I push every gunshot we hear. Sometimes we even go off on our own to find teams quicker and wipe them if we feel comfortable. Sometimes we die but the backup always arrives to finish the job and revive you.
  • Don’t have a gun and get into a fight but have Hermes and a melee weapon? Have at it. Nothing wrong with having that kind of fun.
  • That being said know your enemy and pick your fights. We know what squads we need to be careful with and face head on – usually the Chinese and some Russians. If you come across someone named Genevieve they’re a dirty cheater and are easy to kill when they’re cheats are off. When they’re on you’ll know, and you need to be prepared. *By the way, word on the street is cheats are insanely priced for this game and have to be rented daily (ew), so, cheaters won’t always have their cheats on every time.*
  • Sticking together in squads is important unless you can go off on your own and maintain a 4.3 K/B like greenpancho.
  • Use your pings every time, even if you’re confident enough to go in alone. It gives your team a heads up of where you’re going and where other players are.
  • Some of the guys at the top of diamond kill boost with their friends. This means they get in the same match as alts, kill eachother, revive, then do it all over again to boost K/D. Squad games just aren’t busy enough to get an 8 K/D otherwise. So don’t stress if you can’t get it higher naturally.


  • This would be a subheading of combat but I feel it’s so important it should have it’s own section.
  • Portal Trap, Side Trap, Jump Trap and Shield Wall are the most common essentials you’ll see among the pros.
  • If you’re playing squads having the portal trap can be game-saving. Have your team put down portals near a fire or safe location to fall back on if someone gets downed or you need to revive.
  • Side trap is great for evading gunfire or putting down before you portal if you’re down. A good side trap -> portal combo can go a long way.
  • Jump trap I use with my Jump ability to get in the air and then boost ahead, it’s also great for getting onto roofs, because as every guide to warfare tactics reminds us, high-ground is everything.
  • I don’t use the Shield Wall trap, but others in my squad in other great players do.


  • Any character but Clyde is a good build.
  • Thor can be good if you use him right, but we often kill overconfident Thors that fly into us alone. A whole squad of Thors can be deadly.
  • Annie is a good main if you can shoot well. She’s not my main but she’s a force to be reckoned with.
  • Viper is still an OG meta, ability is expensive but useful for advancing, fighting and fleeing.
  • Katrina is still OP having been recently added. I bounce between her and Viper. Take advantage of metas when they come. Poke at me for using her but you won’t be laughing anymore when I wipe your squad, get your loot, and advance on the leaderboard.
  • Firefly is okay but also gives away your location. Noone in my squad mains her and most pros don’t.

Extra Tips

  • Don’t equip the Boom Box, it will usually annoy your squad mates and will get you killed very quickly when someone looking for a fight hears it and knows exactly where you are.
  • Devs recently increased zone damage, so thankfully zone campers won’t be spamming zombies in endgame as much. Very cowardly, by the way.
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