Chair Simulator – How to Get More Coins (Fast and Easy)

Most price ranges give you the same number of coins. But there are a few chairs where you get more for your money!

Guide to Get More Coins

How to Use the “PAIN-IN-THE-4SS-O-METER”

There are 3 levels in the O-METER: “Normal”, “uncomfy” and “at deaths door!”.

To get most of the coins you have to stay in the normal range. This is where you get the most amount and only there does the multiplier come into effect. For example, if you are level 2 you will receive 2x coins. But only in the normal range!

In the “uncomfy!” Area you only get 1 coin and your multiplier is no longer effective. So there is no point in sitting any further. Stand up and sit down again when the O-METER is empty.

If you are in the “at death’s door!” Area then you should get up quickly! Here you lose coins and when the O-METER is full you die.

Thats how the O-METER works.

The Chairs Where You Get More Coins for the Same Price

There are different price ranges for chairs. And each price range has a number of coins that are generated per minute. Example: All chairs that cost 200 generate 50 coins per minute.

But there are 2 exceptions:

With the Piano Bench (costs 200) you get 62 coins instead of the usual 50. Get this chair first!

With the throne (costs 450) you get 87 coins instead of the usual 75. You should get this next!

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