Hypernova: Escape from Hadea – Flying Buildings – All You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about moving structures around in Hypernova!


In Hypernova you can move anything except for the Mothership and the Stellar Bridge.
Here are the how-to, the basics, some good-to-know info, and helpful tips about flying structures around!

How To

You can move a structure in one of three ways:

  • Click on it and click the relocation button in the control panel, then click where you want it to land.

  • Click on it and HOLD, while still holding move the mouse. This will open the Radial Menu. Move the mouse over the relocate icon and release the button, then click where you want it to land.

  • Click on it and press the relocate shortcut on your keyboard (‘Q’ by default), then click where you want it to land.


Before you move any building you should know these three things:

  • Buildings don’t need energy to fly, but liftoff costs you Zapp (the green resource).

  • You need to land buildings in a place where they’ll have energy (from a Relay or Mothership) and clean air (from a Purifier), or they won’t work.
  • At first you can only move 4 structures at once (can be upgrade to 8 with the Techshroom).

Good To Know

  • Buildings that receive serious damage can’t fly.
  • Buildings will not be attacked whilst in the air.
  • You can select the building while it’s flying and give it a new destination (don’t worry, this will not cost Zapp).
  • You can relocate up to 16 structures faster using multiselection… 

  • When multiselected press the relocate button or shortcut, then start landing structures one after the other. Press the right mouse button to skip the selected building and move to the next one. 


  • A structure doesn’t need to land completely in the influence zone of a structure for it to work, it just needs to touch it. 

  • Open the influence panel (default shortcut – ‘X’) to show various influence areas while relocating and be precise while landing structures. 

  • You can click the flight slots to select flying structures easier, click the slot twice to go to that structure. 

  • Tap ‘A’ (default shortcut) to cycle between flying structures. 
  • You can also go to a selected by pressing space, if you hold space the camera will follow the structure. 
  • You can control which way a structure faces when it lands by holding and dragging the mouse when you click on the ground. For buildings this is purely for aesthetics, but it gives turrets a slight edge, because if they face the direction of the enemy’s attack, they don’t waste time rotating into position. 

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