Voxel Tycoon – Buildings and Vehicles: How They Work

This guide will attempt to explain how everything works, to help the confusion that many have as to why a store won’t grab stuff from the warehouse or similar situations.

Buildings and Vehicles Explaining Guide

All credit goes to Bramblestar!

How It All Works

Many new players get confused when trying to deliver to stores. They have a store that requires wood planks, for example, and a warehouse full of wood planks is in range, but for some reason the store won’t take those. So is this a bug? No, this is an intended feature and I will attempt to explain what is going on and what to do.

One of the main confusion points is that people think all buildings work the same. They don’t.

Stores are lazy. They do not want to do any work. They need items delivered. Warehouses are also lazy. They won’t take any items and won’t deliver them either. They need other buildings or vehicles to do the work.

Mining outposts aren’t lazy, but only like warehouses. They’ll deliver items to warehouses, but other than that, you’ll need a vehicle to take items.

Laboratories aren’t lazy either. They’ll grab items from warehouses in range without vehicles.

So how do you get items from warehouse and to stores? Vehicles. Vehicles are very hard workers that will take items and deliver them.

Now let me quickly explain truck and train stops. I do not consider stops to be buildings, but exchange points. They will take items from buildings and give them to vehicles, or vice versa, but will not transfer items from vehicle to vehicle or building to building. This is very important to remember.

So now with this information, lets look at a scenario.

You have a store that needs iron ore. You have a miner mining iron within range of the store. But miners only like warehouses, so it won’t deliver the ore to the store. The store is lazy, they don’t want to go out and get what they need, so they won’t take anything from the miner.

So you build a warehouse in range of both the miner and the store. The warehouse starts filling up with ore. But remember, its the miner that’s doing the work, not the warehouse. The warehouse is just as lazy as the store. So now you have a warehouse full of iron ore, but it won’t deliver to the store, and the store won’t take the iron. So what do you do?

This is where you need vehicles, as they will both take and deliver items. But you’ll need a stop first to exchange the items. So you place a truck stop down by the warehouse and get a truck. The truck goes to the truck stop, the exchange takes place, and now the iron ore is on the truck. But now you need to get the iron ore to the store.

Now this is where things can look a little funny if the truck stop is in range of both the warehouse and store. You won’t need another truck stop. You can use the same one to exchange the items. So you just keep your vehicle parked at the stop, exchanging items from the warehouse to the truck, then from the truck to the store. Why does this funny scenario need to happen? Because remember, the store and warehouse are both lazy. The truck is doing all the work here (even though it’s not moving), taking the iron ore from the warehouse and then sending it to the store, and using the truck stop as the exchange point.

Now if the truck stop wasn’t in range of both, you would need two, and have the truck drive between them.

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