Days Gone – How to Get Your Xbox Elite Controller Working Correctly

It is a rather simple fix!

Fixing Issues

The Bones of It

Some as you may have already found from searching, that a number of us are experiencing issues with the controller analog not working while on bike or when attempting to interact with the survival wheel.

Here’s how to correct this oversight:

  • Select ‘controller configuration’ while viewing days gone in your steam library.
  • You should see your xbox elite controller. selecting the ‘on bike’ tab near the top center of the window. you will see that the left analog is left blank. Select and change the in-game action drop down menu to ‘Movement’.
  • Next Select the ‘SURVIVALWHEEL’ tab and change the right analog in-game action from blank to ‘Camera Joystick’.

This worked for me, hopefully it does for you also and a very very near future fix from the devs will make this guide null and void.


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