AMID EVIL – How to Run Game with Ray Tracing

Guide to Run with Ray Tracing

Launching RTX Mode

  • Launch using the large green play button.

  • Select the RTX support (DX12) option.

  • You can also edit the launch options to force the game to run in RT mode everytime.
  • Right click AMID EVIL in the steam library.
  • Select properties.
  • Under “launch options” add -dx12.

Using Ray Tracing in Game

  • You can find the Ray Tracing options in the menu under OPTIONS > R.T.
  • You can also quickly toggle the RT menu by pressing F10.
  • Enabling Nvidia DLSS in the video options will give a large performance boost if you have a card that supports it.

RT options overview


Reflections enables realistic reflections. This means you will be able to see things in reflections that would be behind the camera view. eg. Looking into a puddle and seeing the roof in high detail. Or behind you in a reflective wall.

Screen Percent

Screen percent is the percentage of the screen that reflections will be traced at. You will get a lower resolution reflection the lower the %. Around 80% is a good balance of quality / performance.


Ray Traced shadows will enable shadow casting on enemies, and more accurate shadows from dynamic lights.

Max Shadows

This adjusts the maximum amount of ray casting lights projecting shadows. Around 12 is a good balance of quality / performance.

Light Boost

This will boost existing dynamic lights on decorations in the level (torches, spotlights etc). This comes at a performance cost.

Reflect Boost

This will increase the threshold that reflections will be shown on materials. This comes at a performance cost.


Experiment with all of these options to find the best performance and visual gain for your system.

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