WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – How to Hunt Anything

How to hunt all prey successfully in WolfQuest AE, as simply as possible.

Hunting Guide


Please note all of these controls are for a keyboard, I have no idea about controllers.

Since beavers are the newest prey animal, I assume most people would click on this to see how to hunt them.

Finding a Beaver

Beavers trails are pretty easy to spot, and you will be able to see their tracks in scent view. Basically just run along large bodies of water switching between scent view and normal vision. They are most common at dawn and dusk, but I’ve seen them out at all times. They seem to spawn from 1-3 beavers at a time, with some space between them.

Make sure you are down wind! This means the wind is blowing to you. Beavers have very bad eyesight, but they can smell you from far away.

Killing a Beaver

Now, you have to hold CTRL. This goes into a new “mode” where you can wait for food to arrive. Once a beaver is nearby, you can hold shift to hold very still and prepare to strike. Here”s some advice, wait until you can see the red bitemark on the neck. If you can manage to bite them on the neck it does so much more damage.


This is gonna be a short one, since I really don’t know much about it and I’ve only seen them once by accident. I heard you can find them dropped by eagles, but the one I found was along the riverbank while I was hunting for beaver trails. The devs said they will not add fishing since Yellowstone wolves don’t actually fish (I wonder if maybe LR wolves would, considering the amount of water..?). It seemed to only fill for as much as a rabbit, but it was cool nonetheless!

Newborn Babies!

This is my favorite thing to hunt, as its so much fun to find them! Babies will only spawn when your pups are around 15 pounds, and you will get a message alerting you.

Identifying the Mothers

This is actually super easy to do. You just run straight at them, since if they are alone and kick at you they have a baby nearby. You can also smell elk and it will say “mother and baby herd”.

Playing Hide-and-Seek

The grass the babies hide in is the same as the grass your pups can hide in. From my experience it seems to be in a ring around the mother where the music plays. Sometimes hurting the mother will make it run to the baby. The strategy I use is run around until I run into the baby or the mother runs to a patch of grass where the baby is.

If you can’t find it, you can turn the grass down in settings so you can find the grass easily. Remember, there’s no shame in using the tools available to you (If the game isn’t running well you should turn down the grass anyway. It seems to be the root of my lag at least.).

Heres a video by WolfQuest to help!


Moose babies are really cool, because they don’t hide and they give soooo much food. Trust me, if you have seven pups you need to hunt moose calves. They take a while to carry, but can feed your pups for a while.

The best tactic I have found out is the same for all babies. You want the baby to start running and wait for the mom to run ahead then bite at the baby. You want to take it down as quickly as possible because the mom is fast.


Elk are the staple crop of wolves, so you will have to hunt them to prove you can survive.

Mate Quest

I’m gonna give you a tip. The calves in the fall are not worth it. The cow elk normally are already damaged, and if you can take down two then sleep you will normally attract a potential mate really quickly.

After you find a nice wolf you should hunt large prey, such as spikes or moose since they raise the affinity very quickly. You can pretty easily trick them into trying to kick you, then slam on the A or D keys and bite it’s shoulder or its throat. Another small trick is you can tire them out after a while, you just need to be very careful about heading into another pack’s turf.

Do not some at spikes or bulls from the front because the will use their horns to stun lock you… not that I’ve died from this many times…

Here’s a video from WolfQuest about hunting! It explain this better than I ever could.


I honestly do not know how to hunt these guys since I have never managed to do it. I do know the devs talked about possibly adding calves and cow bison, so if they are added I will put tips on how to hunt them.


I haven’t been able to kill a bull moose yet, but I will try at some point.

You have to dodge these hits. The damage can be insane if you get directly hit. But, it is very easy to grab the throat. You can reasonably kill a cow moose with the help of a mate, and sometimes with the right wolf alone.

This was made much easier with the perks (I’d still recommend stamina and health for large prey like this though. It really does help).

The first thing I recommend after getting a potential mate is trying to hunt a moose with them. You’ll get a good feel for personality if there’s an actually stake in it.

Mule Deer

In my opinion, the easiest and most enjoyable to hunt.

If you like wolves with high speed/stamina you’ll be eating a lot of these.

If you’re a slow wolf you shouldn’t bother with them, since they are infuriating when you cannot catch them, and seem to run for days with no sign of slowing down. Other than that, there’s really not much to say. They don’t do much damage. Just don’t let them get to the water, and remember you can run up along side them to manipulate their movement.

Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn sheep are confirmed to come at some point to WolfQuest AE. This is sort of a placeholder for me so that I can edit it when they arrive. In the meantime, here is a video with the models because I think they look awesome.

You can see them in the very back to the left.

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