MORDHAU – Fighting Skill Improvement Guide

Are you an new Mordhau player or do you want to know how to becomes an advanced player this guide is the right for you. Here I will you describe my personal experience how I start and what I would recommend to do, so that you will becomes an good player.

Guide to Fighting Skill Improvement

First step

For first play the tutorial. everyone say that because, it is quite important to learn all the game moves and to configurate the best keyboard combination. So you will learn the first important things about the game. A lot of players start the game without that tutorial and so you waste a lot of time at all when you are not aware how the game mechanic works.

So it will brings you a big step forward.

Play duells before you play a lot multiplayer servers

There are several reasons why it is not the best option to avoid duell servers and why you should play duells.

First of all, is the reason that it is very hard to fight in a mess of players without footwork experience.

Point two is that you cant survive long if you havent learned a good defense.

Point three is that after you have played 10 duells you will find players with the same game strenght like you and so you can makes your first possitiv win experience, that will keeps you on a good mood. Another good thing is that you will learn with other players with the same game strenght.

Point four is that you will learn stragegy and distances and so every duell needs that tools because you cant hope to make a lot of lucky strikes like in the multiplay servers. Duells shows really how strong you are in a 1 vs 1 man fight.

Point five: Let yourself the time you need, it doesnt matter how good others are, more important is that you can improve your own skill. so dont be afraid if you lose a lot, there are several Pro players with a lot of gaming hours in this game.

Point six: Analyse your fights and try to improve weakpoints of your fightsystem. Remember every fighter have an own fightingstyle and so you learn to find strategys for each system.

Point seven: Be happy if you win but do not be sad if you lose because thats also part of the game and you will learn a lot things from a lost fight.

Then if you think you can handle more then 1 opponent you can join the Multiplay servers with a good startset of skills. Of course you can play them occasionally earlier bevor you becomes strong but remember that there are also pro players and that it will be hard for you as a beginner. So keep playing duells all the time. Beginners should even play more duells than Pro players.

Tips for the first multiplay servers

The multiplay servers are the most interesting and most played modes in the game.

So that you will have a good start, I can recommend you to look for servers with a lot of players who have the same level like you, so the game is more balanced and you can make your first experience.

If you play servers with pro players it also have his own fascination, but remember then to keeps your aims low and do not expect to be leader of the point statistic, it could be enough to try to be in the middle of the list.

But most important is to have fun. Then if you have fun no matter how good your are, you will autmaticly improve your skills, during playing

Play not always in full armour

A lot of players think that full armour will be the best choice, but they forget that armour makes the character also slower in his block ability.

An character with low armour can’t survive a lot of hits and one punch might be enough, but you can also block 2 times or 3 times faster, so that you will survive longer if you are surounded by a lot of opponents, if you consider that your armour helps you nothing when you can’t avoid punches with side moves.

So learn to play armour as well as unarmoured characters.

Another positive aspect of the low armoured class is the fact that you are forced to learn a good defense tactic.

So the best for first is the middle armoured class.

Do not play archer all the time

A lot of players like it to play archer because they can avoid nearfights, but then they learn that a good archer must have more skill than distance fights, especially if your are on the attacker side you always have to helps your teammates on the front.

So the combination is important

Thats why beginners should learn for first to play an near fight class and then how to use a bow, because you needs to learn the basics first. Thats because you need to know how an near fighter movement could be.

The archer class is more difficult to play than people think.

Play different weapons

To be honest every player have his own favourite weapon and so the pro players often play one specific weapon.

But if you wants to becomes better and if you want the ability to read every weapon move, you must learn to play every weapon.

Then you have this advantages:

  • You learn every strongness and weakpoint of the certain weapon and you learn the strategy behind it.
  • You will find your true favourite weapon then, and you can create your personal strategy.
  • Your fightstyle is hard two read, if you can play with every weapon.

Learning by playing

It is symple but it is the main reason to reach the status of an advanced player.

Just play the game and with the hours your experience will grow.

So do not give up, keep playing.Then you will better and better.

There are always players who are better than others but I think every one can reach the level of an good average player if he just practice. The rest is talent I guess.

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