Skullgirls 2nd Encore – 100% Achievement Guide (Fast and Easy)

I recently got all the achievements for Skullgirls and along the way I found a lot of misinformation that I hope to clarify with this guide. Skullgirls is actually a pretty quick game to 100% if you know what you’re doing. So, get a good podcast or album ready and let’s get started!

How to Obtain All Achievements Quickly

Threads Of Fate

One of the easiest ones. Just beat the game with all 8 original characters (you don’t have to beat it with the DLC characters). Lower the difficulty and have fun.


Not as hard as you may think. You don’t need to do all the tutorials, just the first 7 chapters. If you’re having trouble with one particular combo, just practice each string separately instead of doing it all in one go.


You know the combo counter? Have you ever noticed every number has a different fanrare message (Poetic, Cute, etc…)? You need to get 50 different messages.

My personal recommendation is to pick a character who can get to a high combo counter easily (Squigly is the best choice IMO, learn her combo from the second trial) and just do a 1 hit combo, 2 hit combo, 3 hit combo… until you get to fifty.

An Ensemble Cast

Now here’s the boogeyman of Skullgirls Achievements. It has a lot of misinformation surrounding it, and its one of the main reasons I decided to write this guide.

To complete it, you need to:

  • Complete 10 Single Matches.
  • Complete 10 Doubles Matches with 10 different custom loadouts.
  • Complete 10 Team Matches with 10 different custom loadouts.

The easiest (and quickest) way to go about it is: Get on Versus Mode, choose your team, when you select a character three assist options will show up, choose the third one to create a custom loadout, and then write a move (LP for instance). Do it for all characters.

Then, when the match starts hit Start, Exit Game, Choose Character and choose a Different Loadout from the one you previously had.

You do not need to play the match and your opponents loadout doesn’t matter.

Following these tips you can get the achievement in under 10 minutes, so good luck!

P.S.: There’s no achievement counter for this one, you’ll just have to do it blind.

Instant Hair Dash

Another really easy one, can be done in under 4 minutes.

Go on Versus, Pick Fillia and when the match begins hit Start and enable training mode. Then just jump, press Foward twice in the air to dash and LP to cancel the air dash into a move. Do it 100 times and the achievement is yours!

Real Circus Damage

Another simple one. Go to Versus, Pick Cerebella, and when the match starts press Start, enable Training Mode and just grab (LP+LK) your opponent 100 times.

The Kitchen Sink

A lot of confusion with this one, even though is rather simple. You need to get all of Peacocks 23 different items to drop on your opponent.

  1. Go to Versus, pick Peacock and when the match starts press Start, Enable Training Mode. Then, press QCB+LP (Quarter Circle Back, or 214, or Down, Down Back, Back). Do it until she hits the opponent with 7 different objects.
  2. Then, press QCB+LP but keep holding LP until the attack shadow shows a little “!”, then let go of LP. Do it until you see 10 different items falling on your opponent (there are three different TV animations, make sure you got all of them).
  3. Lastly, press QCB+LP but keep holding LP until an item falls automatically. Do this until 5 different items fall.

Important: There’s a secret last item that most people simply don’t know about (that’s why I mentioned the whole confusion thing). To get it, do Peacock’s taunt (LK, HK, MP, MP, UP) and then do QCB+LP holding LP until it falls automatically. This taunt and item are nods to the character “Lei Lei” from the Darkstalkers/Vampire series.

If you do it all correctly you’ll get the achievement!

Good Hunting, Commander

Easy. Versus Mode, select Parasoul, when the match starts press Start, Enable Training Mode and just do her charge move with kick (hold back for about 1 second, then press foward and any kick). After doing it 100 times, you’ll get the achievement.

Getting A Head In The Game

The worst achievement in the game, even though it’s also the simplest. Just go to Versus, select Ms. Fortune and when the match starts press Start, Enable Training Mode and then do a QCB+P motion so Ms. Fortune takes her head off. Now you wait… an entire hour. Just go watch Star Trek or something. After an hour waiting, you’ll get the achievement!

My Pain Will Be Visited Upon You

Easy but annoying. Go to Versus, select Painwheel for your team and Cerebella for your opponents team. When the match starts, press Start and Enable Training Mode. Now you have infinite time and meter. Press QCB+KK to use Painwheel’s lv2 super. Now she’ll deal absorbed damaged with HP.

Now for Cerebella, use her QCB+PP super (the most damaging in the game), and when she’s just about to do her super animation, hold hp with painwheel. Painwheel will absord all the damage and deal it back to Cerebella.

Important: the achievement counter is bugged. It doesn’t show the progression status, but you are progressing, trust me! After 10-15 minutes of going back-and-forth, you’ll get the achievement. Now the worst is over!

Medical Board Will Be Notified

One of the most time consuming achievements in the game, so I’d recommend doing it in conjuction with World Warrior Princess.

Go to Versus, pick Ms. Fortune, Valentine and Peacock (in this order) and Cerebella for your opponent. Then follow these 3 steps:

  1. Press Start, Enable Training Mode, Exit Game, Play Again. Now the match will restart with both characters having 5 super bars filled!
  2. Press Start, Disable Training Mode and beat the crap out of Ms. Fortune with Cerebella (just mash HP). When Ms. Fortune dies, Valentine will spawn on top of her. Just press QCB+MP+MK to revive Ms. Fortune.
  3. Go back to step 1.

Do it 40 times and you’ll get the achievement.

Note: After getting the achievement, I recommend doing World Warrior Princess instead of going back to the menu.

Toil and Trouble

Super easy and quick one. Go to Versus, select Double and when the match starts press Start and Enable Training Mode. Now, get your opponent to the corner and do this combo:

  • HP, LK, MK, MK, HK, j.HP, j.HK.

Just do it around 15-20 times and you’ll get the achievement.

Breaking The Cycle

Mash Buttons to Escape an “Infinite”. This “Burst” mechanic is better explained in the tutorials, so my recommendation is to just go to Versus, pick Big Band for you and Squigly for your opponent. When the match starts, press Start, Enable Training Mode and while controlling Squigly, perform this simple infinite:

LP, LP, MP, HP, HP, QCF+LK xx QCB+KK. Then, while Big Band is getting hit bit this super, just dash to him and do it again. When he starts glowing red just press any button with him and he’ll “Burst”, netting you the achievement.

Call The Wardrobe Department

Play with 60 different color palettes. Easy to get by accident, but I’d suggest doing it while getting the other achievements.

If you want to grind it out, just go to Versus, pick any 3 characters/colors and when the match is about to begin, Presst Start, Exit Game, Character Select and do this 20 times.

World Warrior Princess

This is the Emperor of confusing Skullgirls Achievements. You need to get to almost every stage while picking Random Stage. The “fun” part is: you need to do this in one sitting. Yeah. But fear not because there’s a way to cheese it!

Go to Versus, pick any character, pick Random Stage and when the match begins press Start, Exit Game, Play Again.

Now just keep doing this:

  • Start, Exit Game, Play Again.

After you see every stage, you’ll get the achievement! You do not need to actually play the matches.

Happy Birthday

Kill 2 characters at the same time. Go to Versus, Pick Cerebella for yourself and any 3 characters for your opponent.

When the match begins, get them to the corner. Then, beat 2 of the 3 characters until they have almost no health left. Get one of the low-health characters on the field and make her call the other low-health assist. Then with Cerebella use her QCF+PP super and you’ll defeat both characters at once, getting you the achievement!

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