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SnowRunner - How to Have More Trucks Out of the Garage

Written by 반딧불 세레   /   Updated: May 19, 2021    

You may end up thinking you need to swap a truck to get get another one out of the garage. This quick guide shows you how to have any amount out and in the world.

Guide to Have More Trucks Out of the Garage

Playing Garages

  1. Make sure you have at least one truck out and drive or recover to the garage.
  2. Retain the trucks that you want to have out.
  3. Exit the garage in a truck.
  4. Go to the map.
  5. From the map go to the Global map.
  6. Select "Move to Garage" on a different map to the one you want all of your trucks out.
  7. Select the Global map from this new garage and return to the map you want to play on.
  8. Take out one of the Retained trucks and leave the garage.
  9. Park it outside of the red square (not sure if this is entirely necessary, but I've had a truck try to spawn on top of another truck once I started to have more than 3 in the red square so I do it just to be safe).

Repeat steps 4 to 9 to continue taking more trucks out of the garage.

Written by 반딧불 세레.

Game:   SnowRunner