Days Gone – How Fill Up a Bike and Where to Find Fuel (Gasoline)

The apocalypse in Days Gone has been raging for several years, and it is quite difficult to get gasoline in this world. In this guide, you will learn where to get gasoline and how to check the fuel level in the tank.

Guide to Finding Fuel and Fill Up Bike

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The Role of Fuel in the Game

In Days Gone, the bike of the main character Deacon does not work in the air, moreover, you will constantly have to fill the gas tank, as the fuel is consumed quickly enough. Always control how much gasoline you have left and if you burn everything, you will not be able to continue your journey.

But the transport will not spoil from this, just find fuel as soon as possible and fill up your iron horse

How Do I Check the Fuel Level?

If you approach your bike when it is parked, you will see the remaining fuel in the tank as a number with a percentage sign, which is displayed on top of the gas tank:

While driving, the situation is different — the value is shown by an icon in the form of a gas station icon and is located near the mini-map in the lower right corner. When the gas tank is fully filled, the icon will be white. As it is consumed, its color will change to gray, and if there is a shortage of gasoline, it will turn yellow.

Refueling the Bike with a Canister

Finding fuel in Days Gone is not such a big problem, places where some human activity was conducted usually have one canister filled with fuel. You will not miss it, as it is painted red.

Take the canister, return with it to the bike and hold the “circle” button to fill the fuel tank. You can’t take a single canister with you on a trip, so fill up a full tank.

We Refuel at a Gas Station or from a Barrel

The easiest way is to stop at the gas station, all of them are marked on the world map, where the gas does not run out. The disadvantage is that there are gas stations only in a couple of points of the game world, and you do not always have enough fuel to get to them — then look for a canister.

Before you refuel at the gas station, you may encounter freaks, looters, or other armed opponents. Try to get rid of them before you start refueling the bike

The first hours after the start of the new game, you can count on a barrel of gasoline, which stands in the area of O’Leary Mountain — O’Leary Mountain) – the place where the Deacon and the Boozer will get at the end of the prologue. Put the bike to the barrel and top up the fuel in the same way as when refueling at the gas station.

We Fill Up the Bike at the Mechanic in the Camp

You can buy gasoline at any of the five survivor camps located in the game world. Just find a mechanic and pay for a full tank of 100 to 200 credits, depending on the level of trust.

This method is useful when you need fuel for a long trip or you do not want to look for a canister.

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