Days Gone – How to Install Nitrous Oxide on a Bike (Nitro-Acceleration)

Nitro-Acceleration Guide


Deacon’s bike in Days Gone can be equipped with nitro using the “accelerator”. With it, you will not only travel faster through the game world, but also be able to jump over any abyss.

During the prologue, you can try nitro, as in this short excerpt of the main game, Dixon uses his old bike equipped with this upgrade. In the future, he will lose it, so you will have to buy and install this upgrade on a new bike received from Manny.

Note that the nitro in Days Gone is divided into levels, the higher it is, the longer you will be able to inject nitrous oxide into your engine.

The First Level of Nitrous Oxide (Nitrous I)

Sold by a mechanic named Manny at Camp Copeland for 900 credits. Immediately buy nitro will not work, as the Deacon needs to get the second level of trust of the residents of this camp. Complete Copeland-related missions and get the required number of zombie ears.

Second Level of Nitrous Oxide (Nitrous)

Sold by a mechanic from Iron Mike’s camp for 1,500 credits. You will again need to earn the second level of trust from the residents of this camp.

Remember that to make a jump, you need to first see the “springboard” and drive on it with the nitro turned on.


Do not neglect this upgrade, as jumping over the abyss will allow you, among other things, to reach several bases of the Nero corporation and the wreckage of the helicopter. On the bases of Nero, you can find injectors that increase the main characteristics of the Deacon.

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