Days Gone – How to Defeat Horde

In this guide to Days Gone, we will tell you how to get One Down achievement. You can get it for defeating any horde of freakers. We tell you how to defeat such a horde.

Guide to Defeat Horde


You only need to defeat one horde. Other hordes can be ignored, and to get a achievement, choose the simplest one. Battles with hordes are one of the types of additional tasks.

To unlock the achievement, choose one of the small clusters of phreakers traveling through the game world, that is, one that includes as few opponents as possible. A good example is the Horde of the Death Train Horde. It is located next to the NERO checkpoint “Horse Lake” (Horse Lake NERO Checkpoint), as shown in the picture. You can find it in the “start” area.

Next to the checkpoint is a railway with a train, as well as an extensive field with cars. This area is where the horde is located

Preparing for the Battle with the Horde

Take a good rifle or submachine gun with you. The main weapon must have a full supply of ammunition. Make sure that Deacon is completely healthy and has a full set of first aid kits and bandages. Craft as many Molotov cocktails, homemade bombs, and other explosive weapons as possible. If you have the opportunity to buy bags for the bike, do it and take even more ammunition with you. You can also take with you, for example, more advanced traps, such as contactless bombs. Park the bike at a distance of about 150 meters from the horde and make sure that it has enough fuel to quickly get away from the enemies.

At the beginning of the battle, you can use a bait bolt in the vicinity of the fuel tank. You can let the horde spot Deacon and run away from them in the direction of the tank. Shoot the tank after the horde stands next to it.

The Best Way to Fight the Hordes

This is running in combination with periodic attacks. You can throw Molotov cocktails at approaching monsters (even if they are very close to the Deacon), as well as blow up small containers and canisters that meet on the way

To eliminate the phreakers, use the main weapon, but use it when there are not very many enemies nearby. Dodge to avoid getting hit, and regularly monitor your stamina score. Don’t use it up completely. If you need a short break, then climb into any building (the phreakers will also do this, but much slower) or run to your motorcycle and get away from them for about 100-200 meters.

You will receive an achievement when you kill the last freaker in the horde. If the horde attack mission doesn’t want to end, just return to the field of vehicles where the horde was originally located. The” remnants ” of the horde must eventually return to this place.

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