Days Gone – How to Get to the Object of Study of Nero

While traveling around the world of Days Gone, you can find the objects of the Nero Research Site. Getting to them can be quite difficult. In this guide, we will look at the most common types of such camps.

Guide to Get to the Object of Study of Nero

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The First Type

If you reach the marker and don’t see any buildings, it means that you are dealing with the object of Nero’s research. On the objects of the study of Nero, you can find injectors that increase the characteristics of the hero. There are two main types of Nero research objects. The first type is caves. If you do not find anything in the place indicated by the game, then look around and find the entrance to the cave.

Many caves are inhabited by hordes of phreakers during the day. Do not try to enter the cave in the daytime, because you will not be able to defeat the monsters. Instead, wait until nightfall, when the horde will leave the cave and begin to roam nearby.

Turn on the flashlight and carefully inspect the cave. You should find a small camp and a white box with an injector.

The Second Type

These are research points located behind small chasms (precipices). In this case, it is necessary to equip the motorcycle Deacon nitro. Explore the area near the research point and find a place to jump. Aim your bike at it and turn on the nitro so you can safely jump to the other side.

Finding the way to the camp will be quite easy.

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