Phasmophobia – Insane Cheat to Get Money, XP and Free Items

Follow these steps to get a bunch of money, xp and secret items. Secret lore in phasmophobia!

How to Cheat

Asylum (1st Time)

Go to asylum and go to the most right side, in the room to the right, standing in the right corner for at least 8 minutes. i don’t know if it will hurt if you stay more than 8 minutes, but i wouldn’t risk it.

This must be done solo, you need to get the correct ghost too, in evidence. The ghost type itself doesnt matter, just make sure to get it correctly.


  • For this, you need to be 4 players, just get some randoms.
  • Then hide in a closet all game. If you die, you need do the first step again.
  • Then wait for the randoms to finish the game for you.
  • Remember, you need 4 players, 3 or 2 is NOT good enough.
  • You can move around while youre in the the closet, just not ouside of it. keep the door closed so your player doesnt exit at anytime.
  • You can move outside of the closet, when all 3 players are in the truck. you need to be the last to enter. If they go out of the truck and re-enter, while youre walking from the closet to the truck, you have to redo this step.
  • You can get the ghost type wrong or correct, doesnt matter at this step.

Prison Time

  • Go to the prison, again 4 players, randoms or friends, doesnt matter.
  • You have to stay in the truck at all times. dont go out on the ramp either. stay inside at ALL times.
  • You cant click on the mouse on the pc, for cameras, however u can click on the keyboard, to change between normal mode and nightvision mode.
  • So just run around in the truck and chill.
  • The ghost must be guessed correctly, in evidence.

High School

  • On this map, you will need to enter and exit all the doors, both inside and outside the highschool.
  • Thats pretty much it, simple step. Download a map and have it with u, then remember or mark those rooms u already have been in.
  • This is an easy way to mess up, so be sure to go through it all, maybe a few times.
  • You can take sanity pills, to help you along this journey.

  • This must be completed in 10 minutes or below where you have to get the ghost correct.
  • This has to be done solo.
  • I recommend you walk around with a form of detecting the ghost, so u can figure it out, while entering and exiting all rooms.

Bleasdale Farmhouse

  • In bleasedale, go to the dining room and sit 1 minute behind each chair around the dining table, with your flashlight off and the room light off too. candles will make this not work too. if any light is on, while youre behind any of the chairs, youll fail this and will have to restart and go back to the first step.
  • Thankfully, this can be done solo, but 2, 3, 4 players is okay too, so people cant mess it up.
  • You dont have to get the ghost type correctly, just stay behind each chair for a minute and thats it.

Asylum (2nd Time)

  • This is the final step.
  • You’re gonna have to go to the left side, in the most left room, in the left corner, looking from the door.
  • Then do the same as the 1st step. stand there for 8 minutes.
  • The ghost thats haunting you has to be an Oni.
  • If its not an Oni, just play redo this step, when u die.


  • You will be rewarded 4 of each item in the game.
  • You will be rewarded 100 times what your basketball court score is, worth of money.
  • You will be rewarded 100 times what your basketball court score is, worth of xp.

This secret or cheat or whatever you would prefer to call it, is 100% worthwhile, even if it is a bit hard.

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  1. idk if this actually works or if this is a way of keeping retards in a perpetual state of dying in phas lobbies

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