Mainframe Defenders – Long Term Strategy Guide

Guide to Long Term Strategy

If you’re struggling to obtain this naturally, here’s a method with zero RNG and the zero unlocks:

  1. Mechanic A (internal damage)
  2. Paladin A (immobilize)
  3. Viper A (corrosion) (imp interference) + (lvl1 armor breach upgrade)
  4. [Anything]

Special instructions

  • /Very Hard/ (so the enemies have enough health).
  • Upgrade the Viper A with “armor breach” (the rightmost level 1 upgrade).
  • (optional) rename the extra unit you picked to “useless”.

  • Start a level.
  • Locate any enemy.
  • (move “useless” out of the way).
  • Move the 3 units into a position where they can attack that enemy on the same turn.
  • Attack once with each unit, but use the viper last.
  • A winner is you.

Boring explanation for nerds of why to use the viper last:

Attacking once with each unit deals up to 50 instant damage. Very Hard repair bots have 50HP making it possible (but unlikely) to instakill them. The only way to deal 50 damage is to use the viper first (armor breach increases the damage of the next shots by 3) and get a perfect damage roll on every single attack. Using the viper first (44) or second (47) will always leave the repairbot alive.

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