Elite Dangerous – How to Fix Technical Issues or Frame Drops with the Odyssey DLC

This guide will include troubleshooting tips that have been tested to work for some users. Additional tips may be commented or edited into the guide at a later time. This is intended to become a resource for users having difficulty playing and enjoying this expansion.

Troubleshooting Tips in Odyssey DLC


So, you have decided to purchase the Odyssey DLC for Elite Dangerous and enjoy all it has to offer, however, that pesky framerate drop is consistently making the content unplayable and ruining the experience. So, what can be done to resolve your issue? Below are solutions found by me and, potentially, other community members that have fixed their experience to playable again.

Solutions Found and Tested Personally

If you need to know what system these solutions were found on, they will be shown below this section. However, it is important to preface this section by informing you that these solutions may not work for everyone but do, in fact, resolve these issues with that current configuration which I believe a lot of users will have something similar to (especially during the PC parts shortage).

Solution #1 – Update your graphics driver to the newest version and potentially to the optional version where necessary.

Always be prepared to rollback your driver version in case this doesn’t work or fails using Windows. The reason I included this solution here, and also made it the first solution even though it is very normal troubleshooting for most issues, is due to the absolutely insane amounts of VRAM usage this update demands (It will reserve all VRAM on your card when it needs it as mine used all 8GB at points).

For users with less than my amount of VRAM, this will be a struggle already so updating your drivers can help some allocation issues with the game. I may add steps for users to this section with both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards for those users that know little about this but I believe it will be unnecessary for this guide for now.

Solution #2 – Change your Screen mode to true Fullscreen.

This is the first solution I found that massively increased my performance and became necessary to run the game at all without the frame drops happening so consistently (and so extremely) that I couldn’t easily navigate to the options to change this setting. Sadly, if this is the case for you, you have to be patient and only click different menu options when the game isn’t hitching to a standstill. Keep in mind that I originally had my setting on Borderless.

  • Step 1: Navigate to options.
  • Step 2: Navigate to Graphics.
  • Step 3: Expand Display options.
  • Step 4: Change Display mode to Fullscreen (Borderless Fulscreen doesn’t appear to have good performance with this update).
  • Step 5: Apply Changes and exit out of settings.
  • Step 6: Test performance to see if issue is resolved.

I know that not being able to play in borderless fullscreen mode is quite frustrating for many users and there may be a way around this issue but, as of making this guide, it is absolutely necessary to at least limit the amount of drops in my experience. Even with fullscreen mode, you may find it necessary to lower your graphics options to medium or even low. I personally had to do this as well before I moved my game installation folder.

Solution #3 – Move your game to your fastest storage drive that can hold the game.

Keep in mind that manually dragging your game’s installation to a new folder can cause you issues that will need to be troubleshooted separately! You should always move it using the proper method!

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is extremely storage taxing and hard drives will struggle to run the game now with this update and DLC. For me personally, this was the best working solution and eliminated ALL of the other frame drops that changing to fullscreen didn’t fix. This allowed me to raise the graphics settings back to ultra (still keeping the game in fullscreen mode). Thankfully, Steam has made this really easy to accomplish with the current version of its user interface.

  • Step 1: Go to your Steam Library.
  • Step 2: Right Click on Elite Dangerous.
  • Step 3: Left click on Properties.
  • Step 4: Left click on Local Files section.
  • Step 5: Left click Move Install Folder.
  • Step 6: Select the storage drive you intend to move your game’s installation to (recommended to figure out the name of this drive beforehand to make this easier).
  • Step 7: Wait until the move finishes completion and wait for the update that will show up in downloads after the bar’s completion.
  • Step 8: Launch the game and don’t send error report if message pops up.
  • Step 9: Test performance and see if issue is resolved.

Sadly, this solution will not be viable with users that only have Hard drives or SSDs with extremely limited space that won’t fit the game inside of it. However, this solution has the biggest impact on lowering the amount of and mostly stopping this issue.

Other solutions found/contributed by other users

A solution from the developers for performance issues that can work for some commanders:

“We are aware that there are some concerns regarding performance and we are working to provide solutions and improvements. We have found a number of Commanders have improved their experience by following these steps:

Navigate to this file location:

  1. %LOCALAPPDATA%Frontier DevelopmentsElite DangerousOptionsGraphics
  2. Make a backup of every file in the graphics folder, and place it somewhere safe for future reference.
  3. Delete the original files in the Graphics folder.
  4. Restart the game.
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