Rocket League – Beginners Guide

Guide to Newbies

Just Started Playing – Bronze

  • What you wanna do is start off with free play or with any extra mode match, search for good camera settings or try your own
  • and change key binding and get used to them.
  • Then you wanna start playing ranked, don’t try to do any mechanic just play, pass the ball and score.


  • Go to free play (no unlimited boost) and try to stay close to the ball and dribbling it around (not on top of your car) while maintaining good amount of boost.
  • Also, try doing some power shots when the ball is up and it’s about to go down wait for it to bounce and then hit the ball while boosting.
  • When you play ranked try keeping a eye on the other team and keep a eye on the boost, wait for your turn, don’t rush and try to think faster.


  • This is where you can do flicks and air dribble hop on free play and try to keep the ball on top of your car (you will get used to it).
  • Then when the ball is on the middle of your car flip then press left or right.
  • For air dribbles drive the ball to the wall and go up with it then jump with the ball and keep boosting while hitting the ball.
  • If you can’t do it then wait until your plat 1 or gold 3.
  • When you do ranked don’t always go for air dribbles or flicks wait for a opportunity.


  • This is where you start being good you can air dribble a bit do normal flicks easily and can do a bit of faking.
  • Go on free play then try learning speed flip, it’s gonna help you a lot in kickoffs and getting boost.
  • Boost, drive forward, jump then go left or right I recommend starting with left until you get to diamond.
  • Try to read where the ball is going, think quick, and try landing power shots when your scoring or clearing the ball.
  • Try learning new mechanics if you don’t know how to do a certain one then search on YouTube how to do “Insert mechanics name”

When you play ranked try doing mechanics that you learned, try finding a good partner that will be with you until champ or above, you can go to Rocket League discord and search for a partner there.


  • Learn more mechanics such as 360 degree flick. Try voice chating with your partner as it will help you to know when one of you is going for the ball or needs boost etc.
  • Keep a eye on all the cars and the ball all the time and if you can try reading the opposite team boost.
  • Don’t hesitate just do it, it will pay off at the end.

Champ 1-2

  • This is where you know everything try learning mechanics that are hard to defend against.
  • Keep playing even faster, when you hit super sonic don’t use your boost since it will be wasted and let your teammate go and if they failed go back and defend.
  • Or if you are near the ball then hit it to the wall or score it (Depends on where the opposite team is).
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