Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes – How to Farm XP (Useful Trick)

Little Trick to Farm XP

Its simple way and i thought i would share what i did when the game came out years back.

First: Save after a battle before you buy anything

So you “load Game” if u don’t find what you want.

Second: Buy XP weapons

You can load saved file to keep refreshing store page, because the store items change ever time you load a game. So if you cant find XP weapon just reload till you do Hahaha.

Third and last: Don’t get unnecessary troops, 4 only! Unless u have extra to XP/ Money to spare

All you need is Melee, Archer, Spear man/ Axeman, and a Support (yellow outline). Sometimes its also a good ideal to get a second Melee to be a support for First Melee group.

And there you go, should help you get through the missions easier. Almost forgot always check for the “unknown” missions. If your struggling with a mission exit to world map and see if there are any to get extra XP.

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