Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you Play the Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • Blocking blocks in 360 degrees. Shoving shoves in 360 degrees. Don’t underestimate blocking! Don’t underestimate shoving! Your block meter regenerates at the same speed while blocking or not blocking.
  • All weapons, ranged and melee, do more damage with headshots. Weapons with the Headshot trait simply do even more bonus damage on top of that.
  • Armored enemies (Stormvermin, Ratling Gunners) take no damage from light melee attacks unless you hit them in the head or your weapon has the Armor Piercing special on it. Strong attacks damage them through their armor, but you’re best off going for the headshot even so.
  • You can back/side dash while aiming with your ranged weapons. This is especially useful for fast-firing ranged weapons.
  • There is no “ranged” character. If you’re playing the elf or the wizard, you should absolutely be mixing it up in melee all the time, especially against small rats.
  • The only end-of-level stat you should be concerned about is Damage Taken. It doesn’t matter how many kills you get if you are sucking up all the health kits. Your number 1 priority is not taking damage. Your number 2 priority is preventing enemies from damaging your allies. Depending on your teammates this can be easy or impossible.
  • Friendly fire is enabled on Nightmare or Cataclysm difficulties. Melee weapons never deal friendly fire, but ranged weapons and bombs do.
  • If you die holding a grimoire, the grimoire is lost.
  • You can swap out a tome for a health item; you can not drop/swap a grimoire unless you want it to turn to dust.

  • You can avoid stormvermin patrols and it’s often a good idea to do so!
  • You unlock quests/contracts after playing through all missions once, so that should be a priority.
  • Blowing yourself up from overheating with the Bright Witch (or Dwarf with drakefire pistols) does not necessarily kill you – it’s counted as a down, so you won’t die unless you’ve already been downed once*.
  • If you want to give an item to another player, just jam on the Use key (E by default) instead of trying to figure out whether it’s the Use key or the right mouse button (can’t give medkits though)
  • Bladed weapons except for the 2-handed swords can generally only hit up to 2 rats at once, whereas blunt weapons like hammers and maces will hit all rats in the swing
  • Bots will pick up items if all human players already have one of that type, but bots will only actually use health items; they will hand you their effect potions and bombs after you use yours. They will also pick up tomes, but will drop them in a heartbeat to pick up a health item, so be careful if you’re trying to get bots to lug tomes around for you.
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