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Zero Hour - Custom Watch Codes (Operation Black Dawn)

Written by Sgt.Shadow   /   Updated: May 23, 2021    

Here you can find the special secret codes to unlock Operation Black Dawn new custom watches.

Codes to Custom Watches

The Codes

The codes from left to right:

  • BigFry: BIGFRY1013
  • ScottHotRod: SCOTTHOT42
  • ControlledPairs: CTRLPAIR47
  • Duerag: DUERAG95
  • JustinRed87: JUSTIN87
  • Torus Mastaz: FR13112015
  • Klean: KLEAN13376

How to Use the Codes

You enter them after selecting the watch. There will be a small field to put the codes, enter the codes and you will unlock them.

Written by Sgt.Shadow.

Game:   Zero Hour