Wasteland 3 – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you Play the Wasteland 3 game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • When creating your character you get asked to choose Attributes first, then Skills, this is a bit of a trap, because Combat Skills tell you which Attributes you should prioritize for them, so it’s best to select which Combat Skill you want to invest in, then go back and pump those attributes.
  • You get an extra Attribute every level after 2nd, 3 skill points per level (higher skill levels require more skill points), and 1 perk point every other level after 4. You can only buy perks which you unlock by having sufficiently high skills in.
  • As far as I can tell, no dialog checks factor in your Attributes. Only skill levels.
  • You make two Rangers at the start, then you can make as many as you want after the prologue (their level will scale, but they do not gain the bonus exp from things that increase exp gain like Bookworm or Charisma). You can have to have 2-4 Rangers in your party at any time with a controllable party cap of 6. Animals and certain NPCs can join beyond this cap but they are not directly controllable.
  • Almost every weapon Skill has an energy equivalent and it’s wise to invest in those as an offhand against high armor enemies.
  • Unlike other games in this genre, this is a very combat focused game. There are not a lot of ways to avoid combat and so you should get used to upgrading your weapons and armor frequently.
  • Like other games in this genre, is it beneficial to save the skill points from your last level up until you actually need to spend them something.
  • Positioning, especially on the harder difficulties is pretty important. It’s almost better for you to initiate a fight rather than allow an enemy to do it. Just attacking certain NPCs is considered a valid dialog option and can lead to different outcomes than attacking them through dialog. Additionally, selecting the [Attack] option in dialog will give you the first round of Initiative.
  • On the topic of skill points the +1 skill point per 2 Intelligence is ONLY applied on character creation. It does not apply every level. Everyone gets 3 skill points a level regardless of Intelligence except for the people with the quirk that gives you +1 skill point on even levels. That’s not to say Intelligence is worthless since that’s the crit skill now, just don’t expect to have someone with 10 Intelligence being your non-combat jack of all trades character.
  • If you need money the 7 Barter perk, Antiques Appraiser, will fix that problem. If you get it to proc on the right item you get a lot of money and there will be a lot of chances for that. An example is I went from having around 2k-4k most of the game to having 48k after 1 transaction.
  • Don’t go looking for the most “optimal path” in the story. This game is good about moral gray areas and your decisions will come back to haunt you one way or the other. Do your best to roll with the punches and remember its ok to tell an NPC “no” or just straight up murder them if you really want to.
  • This game is pretty combat heavy and it sounds like other than ammo problems in the tutorial anything is legit. I don’t do melee but I’ve heard great things about it still being viable on the hardest difficulties. Sadly there is no way to respec a character and if you mess up you have to remake them from scratch, minus the quirks I mentioned earlier.
  • You can get a shitload of animal followers in this game if you want and they are pretty good. Just know you can’t control them and the enemy like to target them. When they die they are also gone for good so keep that in mind if you get unique pets. Otherwise there’s more than enough wildlife around. They are good meat shields if you don’t get sad watching your animal followers get picked off constantly.
  • Turrets and the like are really good for drawing enemy fire too while doing good damage. You can throw out as many as you want but know they are destroyed after combat is over. It’ll also crash the game if you throw out too many. I’ve had 4-5 out without crashing but just keep that in mind.
  • Save skill books until they are needed to get level 10 in a skill. Otherwise you’re wasting skill points. Once you use a book its gone for good and if you delete that character you don’t get the book or skill point back.
  • You should carry around a flamethrower with you at all times because you can use it to melt ice. I think the ice axe works too but I’m not sure.
  • Toaster repair gets you Tarjan tokens, which can be exchanged for random minor permanent perks or random incredibly powerful temporary buffs, as well as golden toaster parts, which are important for a late game secret. Nothing vital, but worth having.
  • In combat, you can take actions with your characters in any order on your turn. You do not have to go in the order of their portraits and use up all of your squad’s AP one character at a time.
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