White Knight Chronicles II – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you Play the White Knight Chronicles II game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

Please note that these tips apply to the first game as well, since it is included with the second game when you buy WKC2.

  • Your best course of action for your avatar is going to be a tank build (Spear+Divine) unless you’re planning to play online. If you’re only playing single-player (Why would you do that?), you should play a tank since 90% of the time whoever you’re controlling will be the target of attack. Otherwise, focus on the sheer power of a Staff+Elemental+Divine or Axe/Longsword+Divine build, or the supportive capabilities of a Bow+Divine build.
  • Your attack speed is determined by your burden, but your burden will always be moderate unless you’re wearing full light or heavy armor and using a light or heavy weapon. So you could be wearing full heavy armor and using a bow and only have a moderate burden, which is still fast enough that you’ll generally get another turn by the time you complete your attack.
  • Almost every weapon type comes in at least two flavors. For example, Longswords come as Longswords or Katanas. Katanas have a higher critical hit rate, but break more easily. There’s literally no reason not to use Katanas anyways. Equipment repair is super cheap and can be done at any save point.
  • Attack power comes down to nothing but your weapon and your Strength. Agility determines evasion, Dexterity is accuracy, Spirit is magic resistance, Vitality is physical resistance. Don’t confuse resistance with defense, as low VIT or SPR will leave you hurting more than low defense.
  • Bounties and Errands are worth the small amount of effort they take. Bounties will get you easy gear, and later ones can get you whole sets of armor. Errands are good for easy GP to raise your rank and give you access to new instanced quests. New Errands appear after certain points in the main story, and generally require things from areas you’re going to if they require anything at all. Also, certain Errands later in the game will unlock new (usually awesome) skills.
  • Combos aren’t very useful, except to deliver large amounts of damage to the break points on giant enemies when they become vulnerable. They become even less useful when you acquire the Avatar’s knight. Combos land an additional hit on completion if you use at least four attacks and one of your attack types is at least +10
  • When you’re forced to use a Knight in a battle, that Knight’s MP will regenerate instead of constantly run down like normal. However, you WILL get a game over if any of your Knights are killed. It’s incredibly shitty.
  • Boss fights in the second half of the game can get incredibly one-sided. Luckily you can always turn around and grind in the area until you feel more confident. The game will warn you if you’re entering an area you can’t leave until you complete the story there, so keep a separate save just in case.
  • The Moon Maiden Knight only gets two weapons in the game. Do not use the second one. It has nothing but spells and will ultimately screw you in the final boss sequence. You’ll know what I mean when you get there.
  • The Avatar’s knight will be a huge help in the game. Be sure to acquire it when it opens. If you’re level 50 it shouldn’t be too hard. Afterwards, various rifts will open up around the world, and certain ones will contain one of the pieces to a better set of knight armor and weapons. They all contain tough enemies, so your travels will also get you bunch of levels in the process.
  • Be aware that the single player story is not the actual end of the story. Your Avatar’s story continues online in a series of progressively more difficult quests, and a final series of more story-driven and incredibly difficult quests.

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