World of Final Fantasy – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you Play the World of Final Fantasy game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • Read the tips when they pop up. They are usually short and to the point.
  • You want to always have a mirage with stroll and one with flutter with you. Smash is very useful too.
  • When you enter a dungeon you might come across a field ability icon, if you don’t have a mirage with that skill with you you want to go get one (or catch one in the dungeon) because it will probably be used more in that dungeon. But stroll, flutter and smash are universal.
  • Every dungeon has a (more or less) secret area. Sometimes they are simple to find, like activate a switch or field ability. Sometimes they are more obscure. The more obscure ones are usually hinted at in a magazine that you can find at some point before the dungeon. The secret area usually has enemies that are higher level than the rest of the dungeon or a special mirage to catch. If it just kicks your ass – come back later.
  • If you see a chest that is out of reach vertically, try changing forms.
  • You will fight in the form that you are in when you enter the fight or sequence before the fight. For example if there is a short video before a fight, you will fight in the form that you were in when you triggered the video, not the form that the characters are in in the actual video. Always walk around in the form that you want to fight in.
  • Unless you have a reliable way of getting more of a battle item, don’t use it except to save a tough fight or in a pinch. There is a chance it will be used for a sidequest.
  • Most bosses are resistant or immune to two elements, but also weak to one or two. Try to form your party so that you have at least 3 elements covered and you should be able to deal with most situations. With that said a bit of preparation will make the ride smoother, like if you’re going into a volcano water will probably be pretty useful and fire less so.
  • Always have Libra with you, either as a mirajewel or on a mirage. You will get the mirajewel early so it shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Unlike a lot of other JRPGs, status ailments are somewhat useful in this game without trivializing it. Use Libra to find out what can hit the enemy and what they’re resistant to.
  • Take a trip back to towns you’re “finished” with every now and then – sometimes sidequests pops up that you might have missed.
  • Make a pass through Plaza 99 every time you’re in Nine Wood Hills and grab whatever’s on Serafie’s head.
  • Tama is a decent starting mirage, but is eclipsed by others pretty early on. There is no story benefit to having her in your party.
  • Mirages with a ☆ in front of their name means they are unique and have an altered grid.
  • You can change the battle theme in the config menu when you unlock new champions.
  • In the View Abilities screen green abilities only work for the mirage they belong to, while those in grey will work for all that mirage’s transfiguration line. For instance, Stroll is in green, so will only be available to a Chocochick in its Chocochick form, but say an HP+ in grey will also boost its HP when it’s in Chocobo form (though not in Black Chocochick form since that’s on a different line). When checking a Mirage Board you can tell what abilities are green because on the board they have a white circle around them.
  • It’s good to switch a mirage between transfiguration lines (ie the Mu line and the Reaver Mu line) and work on their mirage boards as well because even though different lines don’t boost each other directly, they both add to that mirage’s Sync Rate, which at set points boosts the mirage’s stats. There’s no reason not to, since different lines also each have their own SP pool to spend on abilities.
  • On catching and finding mirages:
  • You want to always keep items that inflict status ailments or do elemental damage on hand. Some mirages require that they be hit with a certain status effect or element to become imprismable. Some mirages just need to be hit with a negative status effect and any will do the trick (poison not recommended as it might kill the mirage before it’s captured).
  • The shimmer around a mirage that is ready to be captured will denote your chances of capturing it. You can increase your odds by repeating the requirement.
  • Some mirages require a large single heal to be captured. A Mega/X-Potions will do the trick if you can’t produce a big healing spell.
  • If you want to catch a mirage that is in a stack you can try to topple it. But unless you are grossly underleveled you will probably kill the stack before it topples. Don’t sweat it, most mirages come in unstacked formations in the same dungeon or zone. It’s possible to heal the stack and keep trying to topple it though.
  • Using sleep on an imprismable mirage will prevent it from countering failed imprism attempts, and also stop it from attacking you so you won’t counterattack and accidentally kill it.
  • If you fail or is unable (due to not being able to produce the imprism conditions) to catch a rare or unique mirage, you will get its memento afterwards and can make your own later on. The Mirage Manual (in the twins’ room in Nine Wood Hills) can give you a hint as to which mirage you will need to transfigure.
  • You can catch mirages in most coliseum fights and some intervention fights.
  • Once you have “finished” all intervention fights for a set of characters, it could be worth it to go to the area where the interventions took place and have a look around.
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