Prison Simulator: Prologue – Complete Achievements Walkthrough

Instructions and tips for each achievement. You won’t be arrested on it!

100% Achievements Walkthrough


There will be a quest called Skills Up where you have to talk to the guard in the social room and he will give you the options tree of the upgrades. Buy either the active Searching & Intimidating or passive Health Boost.


  • Buy your first skill

Let’s Take It

Find one item not allowed or the called contraband in the prison and choose the take option. Search prisoners’ body or go to Cell Block B and search in the furniture. In the Prisoner Induction routine, you will have high chances as you search their box’s items and in the final, search for items on his body. In the Package Search routine, you will have to search the parcels and it’s a good opportunity too.

Let’s take it

  • Take found contraband for yourself

Sorry to Interrupt You

Go to Cell Block B, find three prisoners that are sitting on the toilet and talk to them.

Sorry to interrupt you

  • Talk to the three prisoners during their intimate moment

Nap Time!

After Prisoner Induction routine, you’ll receive the Free Time introduction and will be able to use a bench. There are some of them in the hall. Interact with one and select Yes to skip free time on it.

Nap time!

  • Skip your free time by sitting on a bench

The Cause of the Fire Was Fire

An event called Fire will happen where you will have to find the nearest extinguisher and direct the stream at the fire.

The cause of the fire was fire

  • Put out the fire

Prison Bully

Take your baton (to be confirmed if it can be with other equipments) and beat 5 prisoners, making them unconscious, before the riot.

Prison bully

  • Beat prisoners five times

Everything’s Gonna Be Ok

Lose all your health and you will respawn in the infirmary.

Everything’s gonna be ok

  • End up in the infirmary

Finders Keepers

There are five emergency boxes as the image below with ammunition inside. The localization are: Search Room, Locker Room, Cell in the Shooting Range Room, one at the side of one vending machine and in the room of Cell Block B.


The Riot happens near the end. The gun use will be allowed, so it will be easier to beat prisoners, so shoot the prisoners on the way and if the ammo runs out, use your baton or other equipment.


  • Beat 30 prisoners during the Riot


During the riot, follow the reference to go to the prison yard and talk with the riot leader. Select the dialogues below to convince some to cooperate.

  • Go to your cells. That’s an order.
  • Oh, it will. It’ll happen right now and won’t be the one having problems.
  • Calm down. Do I really have to remind you of the consequences? Stop acting like a child.
  • The warden is going to cut your food rations. You will eat ♥♥♥ rats.
  • Stop ♥♥♥ around. The food wasn’t that bad.
  • What else? You expect me to wipe your ass?
  • We’ll take care of this, I swear. Just please, go to your ♥♥♥ cells.


  • Win negotiations on the Yard

Not on My Watch!

Follow the game instructions for calling for help, taking over the prison yard, finding the two keys and taking over the workshop for last to finish the riot.

Not on my watch!

  • Take control of the Riot

No Guns Allowed

Follow the It was not so hard achievement process suggestions, except to not use the gun. Be objective in your tasks, but don’t let the prisoners accumulate too much. Use your baton and rotate around the prisoners to take less damage.

No guns allowed

  • Finish the Riot section without using your gun

The Story Begins

After the riot, talk to the guard of the evening briefing and choose the dialogue option “I’m tired. Let’s end this day already.” Follow the introduction instructions until the Monitoring Shift to finish the prologue.

The story begins

  • Finish the Prologue

It Was Not So Hard

Finish the prologue in the Captain difficulty in which the prisoners have more health, NPCs do more damage and your ammo ammount is smaller. The process to make it easier would be to select the passive skill of Health Boost, get money by doing secondary quests to buy consumables that upgrade your stamina and strength ammount and recovery and, of course, the consumables that recover your health and stamina and pick all the ammunition for your gun as it’s the safest weapon to beat prisoners without being hit.

It was not so hard

  • Start and finish game on hard

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