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TopplePOP: Bungee Blockbusters - Controller / Gamepad Issues Troubleshooting Guide

Written by ArkimA   /   Updated: May 26, 2021    

Controller Issues & Common methods to solve them.

Guide to Issues Troubleshooting

Gamepad not working? Incorrect button prompts?

Try the following:

Disable Steam Input

  1. Close TopplePOP
  2. Rightclick TopplePOP in your steam library

  1. Go to Properties > Controller
  2. Disable Steam Input

Does this fix your issue? If not:

Use a Steam Input Config

  • Run TopplePOP in Steam Big Picture Mode.
  • Press Shift-Tab to open the Steam Overlay
  • Go to Controller Settings
  • Specify which controller and try a recommended config or make your own.

This should fix any remaining issues. But, if not:

Check for plugin/driver conflicts

Try to find out if your PC is running plugins or special drivers for any non-standard controllers (eg: flight sticks or console gamepad emulation) and disable them.

Still not working?

Compare with a different controller

For comparison try an entirely different controller (eg: Xbox/ Playstation) and see if that works as expected - it may help narrow down where the problem is occurring.


Some players with gamepads (PS4, 8bitdo, Switch + others) have encountered issues trying to play TopplePOP. Issues range from buttons not working or performing incorrect actions to thumbsticks controlling the mouse-cursor.

Written by ArkimA.