The Adventures of Crackhead Jack: Overdose Edition – 100% Achievement Guide

How to get every achievement in the game.

Complete Achievement Guide

All credit goes to MARMO!

Nothing much to lose

  • Save your game at any bench.

Low Class Conspiracy

  • Talk to the cop on route 5 after giving the stoner the herb (story progression).

The Illest villain

  • Defeat the cult leader (story progression).

Got U A Drink

  • After defeating Fizz Boss, give the soda to the pothead (story progression).

The Aluminum Monkeys v. Captain Jack

  • Defeat A.P.E. (story progression).

Logic’s gone

  • Defeat Logic and reason (story progression).

When the Sun Hits

  • When the Sun Hits (story progression).

Bring That Money Home

  • Go home with the crack without entering the Crack Factory.

Fatty Waitin’ For It

  • Go home with the crack after beating the boss in the crack factory.

A Champion in Their Eyes

  • Beat all three opponents of the P.I.T.Y shelter fight fest.

Under Ground Kings

  • Rob 16 graves.


  • Beat the game without digging up any graves (Requires beating the boss in the crack factory).

Easter Sunday

  • Give the homeless guy in Sodatown 500 sheks.

Choose Your Words Carefully

  • Defeat the fat guy at Methropolis (story progression).

Heartless… merciless

  • Kill the old man when the cops tell you to after defeating Fizz Boss.

Three Peat

  • Win at the blue slot machine three times in a row.

Two Can Win

  • On floor two of the pity building, gamble for the highest amount at the pink machine and win.

Buy Me A Spaceship

  • On floor two of the pity building, gamble for the highest amount at the green machine and win.

These Clarion Skies

  • On floor two of the pity building, gamble for the highest amount at the yellow machine and win.

Do what you wanna do…

  • Save your game and then wait for about 50 minutes without saving. Colorful figures will appear all over the game, after talking to one you’ll get the achievement. One of them is in the lower left of Sodatown.

Wall Crushed By A Crackhead

  • Destroy the wall in Strong Camp. Take a bunch of drugs before you go into the fight. The use of Himoff’s limit attack can help a lot.

All the Nights I Don’t Die For You

  • Talk to the guy in west meth forest but don’t go find his friend. You’ll be given your achievment at the entrance of the Paradise Caves.

What You Want

  • Buy a weapon from the cultist on the first floor of the inner tower. He will only sell something to you if you have more than 666 gold.

Plastic Love

  • Complete all of Bruzzle’s deliveries.

Trying your luck

  • While using the plastic knife, get a lucky obliteration. This is entirely random. You get the plastic knife from completing all of Bruzzle’s deliveries.

Ain’t Nobody Watching

  • Pull all the levers in the laboratory basement. Each lever needs a different item in your inventory to be flipped.

  • Banana Chip: Defeat the old M.O.N.K.E.
  • Plastic Knife: Complete all of Bruzzle’s deliveries.
  • Bag of Marbles: Behind Bruzzle’s tent.
  • The Amuleth: Take meth in Sodatown and talk to the homeless man in front of the cave.

The Factory

  • On route 10 go east and kick the lock on the factory. Talk to everyone in Methtropolis and then go back to the factory. You’ll get the achievment when you leave.

Shadow Boxing

  • After first completing the factory go back to the empty lot and drink the ooze. Beat every boss in this version of the factory and you’ll get the achievement.

Lost Boys

  • Get to the end of Paradise caves without collecting the marbles and talk to the road block.

Come Back Baby

  • Beat the game without taking any drugs (This includes saving). Good luck.

They Really got a hold on me

  • Take some drugs after beating the game without taking any drugs.
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