Graven – Totem Puzzle Solution

There’s a bad totem puzzle that doesn’t make sense, even with the clues given. Here’s a guide with the solution so you don’t have to brute force it like i did. Stay tuned for instructions on what to do with the key you get, because it’s not for the thing you think it’s for.

How to Solve Totem Puzzle


Here are the two clues, in case you don’t want to run back and forth between scrolls or didn’t get screenshots:


Here’s the solution. this is an unnecessarily obfuscated puzzle that would have felt better as just a symbol hunt.

What to Do with the Key

You probably thought the key you get from the totem is for the door across that area past the water, right? rather than scour the entire map again, just dive down in the water under that door (the only swimmable water in the game), kill all the fish, and find a grate you can open with your totem turtle key.

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