Soulworker – Hidden Hideout Guide

Guide to Hidden Hideout

All credit goes to MAsteRWArrioR!


The only required thing at the moment for ‘Hidden Hideout’ is:

  • 1.800 Accuracy.
  • Free AOV Manic Gear from Level 65 box.
  • Equipped 2x SoulStone to your weapon.
  • Equipped mega, Giga brooch to your Custome.

Ground Slams

The first move: Ground slams.

Attack description

He will will slam the ground 4 times dealing massive damage to everyone that gets hit, with each hit dealing more dmg than the previous one.

Ways to evade/dodge/not take damage

  • If you are not on the ground while the ground is hit you will not get hit.
  • If you are outside of the attack’s range you will not get hit (need to be outside of the shaking ground animation).
  • If you dodge with perfect timing you will not get hit.


Move: Clone charge. community name: truck-kun

Attack description

The boss summons clones at set locations to charge in a line. You take Big damage from Truck-kun and it will send you to isekai but you already in isekai so you will lose one respawner instead.

Note: at x20 and below these clones spawn randomly in the field and charge down the trajectory it spawned on (Only one). This happens without announcement and is in addition to the actual attack.

Special note: this attack will only be casted at x80 and below.

Ways to evade/dodge/not take damage

  • You can spam dodge hoping you won’t get hit.
  • Stand in the save spot located within the blue circle.

Move: Meteor

Attack description

The boss will make a massive meteor fall down that kills everything it hits.

Ways to evade/dodge/not take damage

Stand behind one of the stone pillar that occasionally spawn be careful cause these have an hp-bar if it doesn’t have enough hp you’ll still die. Use hysteria, supernova or kilonova. The best way to charge soulnova is with this cards below here.

Move: Get Back to Your Cage

Move: Return to ruins.

Attack description

You are teleported to spot in the map and 3 colored totems will spawn, this move does not do damage.

Coordinates you are teleported to are

  • 456, 437
  • 474, 483

Ways to evade/dodge/not take damage

Evade the colored totems.

Move: Bayblades (Juggernaut!)

Attack description

The boss will call forth clones of himself and they will start spinning. everything that is within spin range will take damage aggro drawers and close people will be target.

Ways to evade/dodge/not take damage

  • You can iframe through the damage using your level 42 skill.
  • Run. Fast.
  • Hold shift.

Move: Ring Running

Move: Mortal purification.

Attack description

The boss will jump to the middle of the map and climb on top of his weapon. once he has done so the will be an area attack standing in the blue rings will cause you to not take any damage. however the ring changes it’s position constantly

Ways to evade/dodge/not take damage

  • Run from blue ring to blue ring.

Core Strategy

The core phase triggers trice every successful run. Once when the boss’ hp is at x80 again at x50 then one last time at x20.

  • Choose who will go in before you start fighting, preference goes to players with experience in the core, players with high attack speed and players with low ping/lag
  • The chosen player can enter through this portal which will open in the topmost position of the map.

Inside the Core

This is the core you need to destroy to end the core phase.

How do i destroy the core?

Destroying the core is like a minigame during the raid. you need to push these little balls of “sin” within a radius of 1 meter to deal damage equal to 10 hp bars to the core, the has 100 hp bars meaning you need to push 4 orbs.


  • The core has 100x hp bars.
  • Each ball you push towards the core deals 30x hp bars of damage.
  • If there are multiple balls within the 1m radius they will only deal damage once.
  • An orb “dies” after dealing damage to the core, meaning you can’t use it again.
  • Only one player can be in the core during core phase.

Banned Skills

As represented here you are not allowed to use certain skills when Boss has the BUFF on which is appearing on HP 80 / 50 / 20. Buff wont go away until one person finishes core.

Using this skills when buff is up will freeze your entire team for certain amount of time! Focus on this first when trying to challenge hh.

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