An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs – 100% Achievement Guide

How to get all the achievements in Dog Airport game.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Go Places

  • EmBARK – go anywhere.
  • Beachwell Interstellar – go to Beachwell.
  • Marinara Trench Interstellar – go to Marinara Trench.
  • Doggdrasil Interstellar – go to Elf Planet.
  • Patsville Interstellar – go to Patsville.
  • Uranus Interstellar – go to Uranus.
  • Phobos Interstellar – go back to Phobos.

Optimally, you can go in the above exact order. Phobos -> Beachwell -> Marinara Trench -> Elf Planet -> Patsville -> Uranus -> Phobos

Trivial to Get

  • Wake-Pup Call – start game.
  • Free Money – click “dispense” on any ATM.
  • Scrapborker – open the PupperDex (I had to do this from the Start Menu -> PupperDex, as opposed to using the shortcut key/button).
  • Teleporter – use the Teleporter, found from the Start Menu.

Pet Characters Lots of Times

  • Novice Petter – 5 times.
  • Amateur Petter – 25 times.
  • Experienced Petter – 50 times.
  • Veteran Petter – 100 times.
  • Petting with Purpose – 250 times.
  • Deity of petting – 704 times; why 704?

You can spam your Pet button on 1 NPC 704 times to get all of these in a few minutes.

Slightly Harder to Get

  • Oh No – Get an Orb from the Orbo dealer; can be found at any airport.
  • Chad Meetspeare – Talk to Chad Shakespeare, found in Beachwell, running the skateboard shop, near one of the sections of gates (not in the central square).
  • Daved Whonie? – Talk to David Bonie, also found in Beachwell, also near one of the sections of gates.
  • Pupular Artist – There are multiple cats that want things, and will give you a spray can in return. The easiest, IMO, is the cat on Elf Planet, who wants an axe, which can be gotten from an NPC near the start of Marinara Trench.
  • Heartbeat Sensor – You get this from a fedora dog during your second trip to Phobos; he can be found in the lower section of the Phobos airport, near the entrance to the Time Booth.

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