Super Bomberman R Online – Ultimate Achievements Walkthrough

All achievements can be done in private matches that can be hosted by buying the Premium Pack and free users can only join these private matches. You can select the round number to 1 to finish faster. Achievements don’t unlock at end of rounds, but at the end of the match.

100% Achievement Guide


  • The easiest that can be done in any mode. Place a bomb and let your own bomb kill you.

Blocks from above

  • You need to die by being crushed by a block. During an arena change or sudden death as a match is about to conclude blocks fall from the sky. Just be standing underneath one.

Area hog

  • This achievement is for being the last one standing in an area in battle 64. There are 16 areas with 4 people in each in the first round until the time runs out and multiple players can change area. If you manage to go to one without any players in, this will also counts as an area domination if you’re the only one in there when the gates lock.

A reliable partner

  • Win any game whilst riding Louie (who hatches from an egg that randomly spawns in the game area). To ride Louie simply move onto the egg. Finding in battle 64 is more difficult since there isn’t one for area.

It’ll do, I guess

  • Win a match without taking any panel item. These are any of the items dropped by destroying some blocks.

Bomber ONE

  • Be the winner from a battle 64 by being the only survivor from all areas. 1v1 private matches works for this achievement.

Standard winner

  • Can only be done in private matches. Create or join a Standard and win the match.

Grand Prix Winner

  • Can only be done in private matches. Create or join a Grand Prix and win the match.

Safety first

  • Can only be done in private matches. Create or join a Grand Prix and win a round without being killed by bombs or special abilities.


  • Can only be done in private matches. Create or join a Grand Prix, set as Crystals and have the player to collect all the crystals.

Trip into the abyss

  • Can only be done playing against a premium character. Create or join in a map that has holes like Central Yard or Pixel Land and the other player must use a character like Simon or Raiden that has a push ability to send you to the black square.

8 Bomberman Bros

  • Win 8 matchs with each being with one of all 8 different basic bomber (white, black, pink, blue, red, yellow, water and green).
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