Hollow Knight – A Tactical Guide for the Moss Charger

This is a basic guide to fighting the Moss Charger, an enemy encountered in Greenpath.

Moss Charger Guide

Moss Charger Overview

The Moss Charger is an enemy fought in Greenpath. They are found in large, flat areas of land, often spaced between pools of acid. The Moss Charger attacks by rushing towards the Knight. There are two ways I know of to defeat it.

Repeated Sword Method

In order to attack the Moss Charger directly, one will have to destroy the moss surrounding it. Once this is done, try to catch up to the creature and strike it with your sword before it can burrow down into the moss again. It may be hard to catch, and you’ll probably only be able to strike it once before it burrows due to the fact that attacking with your sword can push you back a little. You’ll have to do this a few times to defeat the Moss Charger.

Sword and Soul Method

This method is much more effective in defeating the Moss Charger, but requires some Soul to use. First, strike the Moss Charger with your sword. Then, follow up by using Vengeful Spirit. This method should defeat the monster easily. You could also use Vengeful Spirit twice, once to break the moss and once to attack the creature, but it’s a bit of a waste of Soul in my opinion.

In Summary

The Moss Charger may look big and threatening when camouflaged, but it is easily defeated, either with a weapon or powers, after the moss is destroyed.

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