Othercide – How to Beat Final Boss (Tips and Tricks)

For those struggling to get the hang of the game’s hardest boss. Not a full-on guide, but pointers with what has kept me alive.

Tips to Defeat Final Boss

Setting Up

While these tips will focus heavily on the boss’s Second Phase, here’s how to set up to it:

I used a team of two Soulslingers, one Shieldbearer, one Blademaster, as well as one Scythedancer.

  • If possible, sacrifice Shieldbearers to give the Soulslingers more HP, as they’ll be using their interruptions a lot, and they have the least starting HP.
  • Both Soulslingers should have Shadow Round as well as Intercepting Round.
  • I slotted in a memory that decreases armor for one of the Shadow Rounds, as it’s easier to get them in range compared to the Scythedancer.
  • The Scythedancer should have The Binding Dance, possibly with an immobilizing memory.
  • The Scythedancer could have an immobilizing memory on their The Harvest skill as well. This makes it so the Corrupted Daughters can’t move while you just stand still and kill them.
  • Immobilizing also seems to make it so the Nucleus can’t teleport around the map much.
  • The Shieldbearer could have armor increasing memories on both Blacksmith’s Grace as well as Saving Grace. I found that you only need to use Saving Grace this way, to keep her from taking damage, as well as be able to potentially save teammates.
  • The Blademaster can honestly do whatever she wants when it comes to memories. I used an armor decreasing memory on her Lightning Strike, but it isn’t mandatory due to the Soulslinger’s identical memory. Up her damage, I suppose.

  • Remember to inspect the boss to see how their attacks and abilities work.
  • Don’t burst unless you’re sure your daughter will die anyway.
  • Some things are still up to luck! So uh, good luck.


Nucleus’ attacks are easy to avoid, so you can take your time with it. Just don’t go crazy on interruptions.

At the start of the fight, multiple Corrupted Daughters will spawn. The Nucleus will spawn in the uppermost corner on the right side of the map.

  • You will want as high up as you can with your main damage dealers. Leave the Soulslingers slightly lower, so they have the range to attack and interrupt even if the Nucleus teleports. Also helps for the second phase.
  • With the Scythedancer, I moved up as far as she can without bursting. She can use her next turns to Harvest the Corrupted Daughters.
  • If you don’t have an immobilizing memory slotted in, and if you’re worried about her, you could leave the Shieldbearer lingering close to her, if by chance any Corrupted Daughters get too close.
  • The Blademaster will be your main damage dealer, so get her up where Nucleus spawns as quick as possible.
  • The Shieldbearer can keep using Slam to give you much more time to attack, as it pushes Nucleus back on the timeline. Won’t work well on the second phase, though.

There’s a rock on the lower end of the map, on the right side. Once Nucleus hatches, they will teleport there. Keep your Soulslingers in range, and Scythedancer around this area.

Save as much HP as you can for the second phase, only using the Soulslinger’s Shadow Rounds, and the Scythedancer’s Binding Dance when you think the Nucleus will teleport.

It should be possible to kill Nucleus before it hatches, which saves you some HP. Again, Shadow Rounds should make this possible. If it hatches, Nucleus does an AOE that reaches the whole map. It shouldn’t be a deal breaker. You’ll just have to be more alert on the second phase.

Be sure to keep your daughters at least one tile away from each other.


This is where the real fight begins.

Suffering is now by the rock I mentioned in the Nucleus phase. Your Soulslingers should be in shot range, and the Scythedancer likely is one move from her The Stealing range. Move your other daughters down as well, but keep them at least one tile away from each other. Try to form a circle, so at least someone is always in range when Suffering starts to teleport around.

If your Daughters are standing next to each other, they will take damage from Suffering’s teleportation attack. She targets your furthermost Daughter, which is why it’s good to keep em close, but not too close, to each other.

After the first round, aka right after she hatched, Suffering always has an interruption on, which cancels your first melee attack and pushes your daughter away. Remember this, as I can say forgetting it hurts your soul.

  • Now is when you’ll want to start using your own interruptions a lot more. Whenever you see on the timeline that other daughters are in range and can attack, use the Soulslinger’s Shadow Round. Always use Intercepting Round as well.
  • Scythedancer can always use The Harvest if she isn’t in range. It’s not worth it to move her around a lot, as the Suffering will move around just as much. At most I used her The Stealing ability, if Suffering happened to be close by. Use The Binding Dance as much as you can!
  • One way to use up her interruption would be to up your Shieldbearer’s defense with one of her Grace abilities, assuming you’ve slotted in those armor increasing memories. You could use Slam, as it uses the least AP, and she should take 0-100 damage from the shove. Try to place her somewhere where she won’t hurt other Daughters, and isn’t shoved miles away. After that, Blademaster and Scythedancer can go to town without risk of getting hurt. Risky, you’ve been warned.
  • Note: Shieldbearer’s Shield Charge and Blademaster’s Lightning Strike aren’t affected by the interruption. You can always close distance with them.
  • If you still have AP left for Blademaster’s Imbued Blade, but nothing else, you can always use that. It’s lottery whether it’ll hit though. 🙂 You don’t lose anything by using it, either.

After Suffering takes enough damage, she’ll start to use a delayed action to mark your daughter and immediately kill her once it’s time! When this happens, you just have to accept it, and go all out on the said daughter, as she likely won’t live to her next turn. Burst and do as much damage as you can, or throw one last boost for others, if it happens to be one of the Soulslingers.

That’s all I have. Hopefully this helps at least one person.

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