Cross Edge – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you Play the Cross Edge game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • VIT determines your hit points when you level, and is pretty much the most important stat to have. You can go through the game building stats in a balanced fashion, but prioritise it at the very least.
  • Don’t bother trying to use all the characters, honestly. Learning new skills can take a staggering amount of time to train up existing ones, you’re far better off figuring out a couple different teams – say one physical, one magical – and concentrating on them. (More on this later after the skills explanation.)
  • True Ending requires a whole host of stuff to be done; some bosses need to be killed before they run, others need to not be killed, and you need to find a huge number of events. Save your blood pressure and use a guide, or maps at the very least. The top topic on Gamefaqs has links to all of them, and a whole bunch of other stuff.
  • Crafting is invaluable since you’ve got little to no chance of getting high end equipment otherwise. Similarly, keep track of which titles you can complete as you go through the game, as many of them will give up important recipes or crafting materials.
  • Skills with a high break value are very important. They’ll often do less hits or less damage, but once an enemy is broken they lose most of their abilities and evasion, and doing any combination skills against them causes an extended version to happen that does more hits. It’s also the most reliable way to help get an enemy to Overkill mode, which is useful for drops.
  • Learning how the skill system works will help out immensely. Each skill a character gets has a type and a letter, which you can see if you press triangle on that move for more details e.g. B-Enchant 3, C-Skill 1. Combination skills in the game are done by using skills with the same type in sequence, moving up those numbers. The order you do these skills doesn’t matter, as long as they end up done back to back.
  • The best party is one that has enough types of attack in a certain letter to let you build up the following combos, with the best options also having access to Range skills and someone with an H-Enchant 3 skill.


Attack Combinations usually hit a single target

  • Combo 1: Skill 1  +  Skill 2
  • Combo 2: Combo 1  +  Skill 1  +  Skill 2
  • Combo 3: Combo 2  +  Skill 2  +  Skill 3
  • Combo 4: Combo 3  +  Skill 3  +  Skill 4
  • Combo 5: Combo 4  +  Skill 4  +  Skill 5
  • Combo 6: Combo 5  +  Skill 5  +  R-Skill 3

Range Combinations hit a bunch of targets across the board

  • Range 1: R-Skill 1  +  R-Skill 1  +  R-Skill 1
  • Range 2: Range 1  +  R-Skill 1  +  R-Skill 2
  • Range 3: Range 2  +  R-Skill 2  +  R-Skill 3
  • Range 4: Range 3  +  R-Skill 1  +  R-Skill 2  +  R-Skill 3

Magic Combinations are a mixed bag.

  • Magic 1: Enchant 1  +  Enchant 2
  • Magic 2: Magic 1  +  Enchant 2  +  Enchant 3
  • Magic 3: Magic 2  +  Enchant 2  +  Enchant 3  +  Enchant 3
  • Magic 4: Magic 3  +  Enchant 3  +  Enchant 3

Mix Combinations are the strongest, and involve combinations of combinations (ugh)

  • Mix 1: Combo 1  +  Enchant 2  +  Enchant 2
  • Mix 2: Mix 1  +  Range 2  +  Enchant 3
  • Mix 3: Mix 2  +  Range 3  +  H-Enchant 3
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