Resident Evil 4 – How to Complete Professional Mode (Tips and Tricks)

Useful Tips to Beat Professional Mode

All credit goes to Pineapple Express!

  • Before starting the Professional mode I highly recommend completing Separate Ways because it’ll reward you with the second special costume that gives Ashley the Knight Armour which makes her completely invincible. This makes certain areas like the Castle and Village a breeze as you only have to worry about yourself.
  • Feel free to save as much as you need as there isn’t a limit on saves, so go wild if need be.
  • If your’e not keen on saving or simply forget then don’t worry as checkpoint’s are still prevalent so you wont always need to save.
  • Many guides state that ammo and herbs are rarer drops from enemies in Professional, however I saw little difference in drops, so don’t be trigger happy but also don’t hoard ammo since the drops are still normal.
  • Saving treasures to combine into heirloom’s is crucial, you can make a lot of money doing this and in general it makes the game less stressful.
  • For some bosses, fighting them with honour not only takes a lot of time but also ammo, for bosses like the 2 El Gignate’s in the incinerator room and Verdugo shooting them simply is too costly so in order to kill them and other bosses I recommend buying an RPG every time a boss is coming up, it costs 30’000 Ptas but takes up a large slot in your inventory, it’s your choice but an easy one if you need to cheese.
  • Completing bottle cap sets will award you with money so if your’e short on cash go to the shooting range.
  • After defeating Saddler you’ll have to make your escape on the jet ski, after completing this section you’ll get the achievement during the cutscene, so don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t appear immediately.
  • Use capacity upgrades to top off your mags. Learn to hold off on reloading and save capacity upgrades until later. If you do this you will have a huge surplus of ammo.
  • Learn to pick your battles, killing every single enemy is not a good plan, specially mid to late game,if you can do/pick important stuff from an area and flee, do it, if they swarm you, just barrage them on the legs, also, a well placed kick can make enough room for you to escape, this way you can go trigger happy with the mandatory fights (bosses).
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