Earth Defense Force: World Brothers – How to Disable Depth of Field, Motion Blur, etc

This covers getting eye cancer off your screen, plus some other functionality.

Guide to Disable Depth of Field, Motion Blur and More

All credit goes to Broadsword!


I know you’re here to go fix stuff immediately, but I wanted to say two quick things:

This is generally applicable to other Unreal games, so you can take this and apply it elsewhere.

Besides that, I recommend you have Notepad++ installed and that’s the tool we’re going to be using. You can use regular Notepad for this, but Notepad++ is just so much nicer for these purposes, it’s free, and you probably should’ve already had it installed on your computer if you didn’t already.

Find Your Config Files

The first step here for the uninitiated is finding your config files. You’re looking for this folder:

  • %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalEDFWBSavedConfigWindowsNoEditor

Where “%USERPROFILE%” is the name of your user profile on Windows. For example, in my case the file path is:

  • C:UsersBroadswordAppDataLocalEDFWBSavedConfigWindowsNoEditor

Once you’re there – and forgive me for using a deprecated version of Windows, you should be confronted with a folder with different config files that looks like this:

Fun fact: that was probably the most difficult part of this whole thing.

From here you’re typically going to be interested in two particular files where you can do the majority of the tweaks:

  • Engine.ini
  • GameUserSettings.ini

Disable Depth of Field

Above: Depth of Field on; Below: Depth of Field off

Open up the Engine.ini file, it should be pretty sparse:

The changes we’re going to make here are pretty simple. Simply add the below anywhere underneath the pre-existing lines.


So that should look like this:

Then simply save, load up EDF, and Depth of Field should be disabled.

If that didn’t work for any reason (or perhaps you’re finaggling another Unreal game that’s got DoF issues, who knows), the solution is to open up GameUserSettings.ini and inside, find [ScalabilityGroups], in my case this looks like this:

Underneath that, add this:


In which case, that should work, but should be unnecessary.

Disable Motion Blur & More

Motion Blur

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t see it, but if it does somehow bug you, we’re back to Engine.ini and in this case adding another line underneath [SystemSettings]:


Chromatic Abberation

I’m not really seeing this again, but hey, who am I to tell you what is and isn’t eye cancer. Similar to Motion Blur, this goes under [SystemSettings] in the same Engine.ini file.


Enabling or disabling this has very little impact as far as I can see.

& More

I don’t actually know what all works with EDF because I haven’t been messing with it that much, but if you’re looking for other things to try out here, the actual Unreal documentation is a good place to start.

Not all of these things are configured in a way that you can edit them easily even from config files – sometimes something works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Help! I did [something wrong]…

You may have noticed that if you add the lines to disable depth of field, for example, it doesn’t necessarily go away if you delete that line, save the file, and load the game up again.

If you did anything that messed with stuff too much, the best way to solve that is to delete the entire file that you edited, launch the game, and it should reset to default.

Do I recommend making back-ups? More of the files you’ve edited that you may want to keep in the future. Otherwise, it should be largely unnecessary as per the above: just delete the file if it goes wrong and the game will populate the folder with another on the next launch.

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