Judgment – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you Play the Judgment game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing


  • Money seems tight at first, but a little ways into the plot, you’ll unlock the VR mini-game (not real VR, the character goes into VR) and that can make you mad cash really fast.
  • Unlike Yakuza, some of the side stories aren’t found on the street. You’ll unlock three location where you can check for detective jobs and you should visit them between every plot event.
  • Tiger Style is better than Crane Style in almost every situation and gets a lot of upgrades from the skill tree. Unless you’re trying to 100% the challenges checklist, you can stick to Tiger Style for pretty much the whole game.
  • You can carry a limited amount of healing drinks and first-aid kits. The healing drinks don’t really heal all that much so don’t forget that you can hoard convenience store sushi, bento boxes, and ramen cups to help get through tough boss fights.

Drone Racing

Drone parts

  • Use the 250 point frame, not the QR one.
  • The QR Code reward engine.
  • Not the QR code propeller but the one with the highest speed.
  • Use the lowest rank boost.
  • Use the QR Code ESC unit.

  • The Boost Start ability really helps. To trigger it hold down accelerate just before the 1 in the countdown appears. Not sure if the wind one has any effect in races. I had it maxed before I started seriously trying.
  • Also there is a shortcut in one of the tracks. Whatever the 5th one in the Single Race listing is. After you come out of Millenium Tower you can hang a right through Little Asia. This is required for the Time Trial. This shortcut is not open on the reverse course.
  • I’m not sure this does anything, but for me I found using the boost after going through a ring was more effective. You have a few seconds while you are still sped up to hit the boost and get the barrel roll, effectively giving you an additional amount of time at top speed.
  • Using the listed parts should put you at 250 points exactly. With this I was able to clear every Time Trial with a bunch of extra time. I was also able to finish the final GP in first reliably except for the final track, which has no boost rings. You can take a few hits, but still have to be careful in tight areas.
  • Obviously you still have to have at least a little skill. Memorizing the courses and doing the Time Trials first is advised.
  • You can exit and save between races.
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