Undertale – How to Defeat Sans

A guide to help players defeat Sans!

Guide to Defeat Sans


If you want to defeat Sans, you’ll want to have a strategy. It’s a good idea to heal only after karma is gone, so that if it’s a full heal item, you’ll be healed to full health instead of close to full health. It’s also a good idea to equip the Frying Pan and Burnt Apron, since armor and weapons don’t matter for Sans. You’ll want that extra hp bonus.


Sans uses the same attacks all the time, no matter what. There is no rng applied to his attacks at all. He has twenty-two attacks.

His attacks will normally switch between using the Red Soul and Blue Soul, but most of the time it’ll be the Blue Soul. It’s a good idea to memorize his attacks. He utilizes gravity to make his attacks more difficult, or have platform-like gameplay. He will throw bones at you, and sometimes use laser shooting skeleton heads, known as a Gaster Blaster. Gaster Blasters are quite common in the end of the fight. Never spare him. Trust me. Memorize his attacks. That way, you can react fast.

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