Solasta Crown of the Magister – Shop Items List for Factions

Lists of shop items for the different factions in Solasta.

Faction Shop Guide


There are multiple factions in Solasta, however only 4 of them offer wares to the player.

These four factions are:

  • The Circle of Dannatar.
  • The Antiquarians.
  • The Tower of Knowledge.
  • The Arcaneum.

My initial impressions of each of the factions is as follows:

  • The Antiquarians have basically all of the Magic Items (belts, amulets, tomes).
  • The Circle of Dannatar has good weapons/armor and a good selection of offensive scrolls.
  • The Arcaneum has primed weapons, good for crafting and the largest selection of scrolls.
  • And the Tower of Knowledge has a metric ton of crafting recipes, for poisons & magic scrolls, but it remains to be seen if you can reliably craft these scrolls throughout the campaign.

The Circle of Dannatar

Circle of Dannatar

  • +1 Weapons: Dagger, Shortsword, Rapier, Mace, Morningstar, Warhammer, Battleaxe, Longsword, Greatsword, Greataxe, Quarterstaff, Shortbow, Longbow
  • +2 Weapons: Morningstar, Longsword, Shortbow, Quarterstaff
  • +1 Armor: Leather, Breastplate, Chainmail, Full Plate
  • Special Armor: Colthannin Chainmail (11 STR req.), Adamantine Full Plate (immune to crits), Dwarven Plate (+2, advantage on STR against being shoved), Shield (+2), Leather (+2).
  • Scrolls: Burning Hands, Color Spray, Entangle, Guiding Bolt, Magic Missile, Inflict Wounds, Shield, Thunderwave, Acid Arrow, Blindness, Hold Person, Magic Weapon, Scorching Ray, Shatter, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Sleet Storm, Vampiric Touch, Blight, Ice Storm, Phantasmal Killer, Cloudkill, Cone of Cold, Flame Strike, Mind Twist.

The Antiquarians

Magic Items

Amulet of Health (CON 19), Belt of Giant Strength (Hill, 21), Belt of Giant Strength (Fire, 25), Boots of Levitation (1/hr), Boots of Elvenkind (adv Stealth), Boots of Striding and Springing (6 speed, no athletics on jump, no encumbrance, no heavy armor penalties), Boots of the Winterlands (resist cold), Bracers of Archery (prof Long & Shortbow, +2 dmg), Bracers of Defense (+2 AC), Bracers of Sparkles (at will), Brooch of Shielding (immune magic missile, resist force), Circlet of Blasting (Scorching Ray 1/charge), Cloak of Arachnida (resist poison, spider climb, immune web), Cloak of Elvenkind (adv stealth, disadvantage perception when spotting wearer), Cloak of Protection (saves +1, AC +1), Dust of Disappearance (invisible, consumed on use), Endless Quiver of Colthannin (20 arrows/hr), Gauntlets of Ogre Power (STR 19), Headband of Intellect (INT 19), Manual of Bodily Health (CON & max CON +2), Manual of Gainful Exercise (STR & max STR +2), Manual of Quickness of Action (DEX & max DEX +2), Necklace of Fireballs (Fireball 1/charge), Oil of Sharpness (apply weapon, +3 attk/dmg), Periapt of Health (immune disease), Periapt of Proof against Poison (immune poison), Ring of Darkvision (darkvision), Ring of Feather Falling (feather falling), Ring of Protection +1, Slippers of Spider Climbing (spider climb), Stone fo Good Luck (saves & ability checks +1), Tome of Leadership and Influence (CHA & max CHA +2), Tome of Quick Thought (INT & max INT +2), Tome of Understanding (unknown), Wand of Magic Detection (3 charges, 1/charge).


Bag of Holding, Handy Haversack


Oil of Acuteness, Blood Ruby, Shard of Ice.

The Tower of Knowledge

The Tower only sells Recipes.

General recipes

Corrosive Arrow, Corrosive Bolt, Flaming Arrow, Flaming Bolt, Flash Arrow, Flash Bolt.


Note: Each Poison has two additional recipes for crafting poisoned arrows and poisoned bolts.

Arun’s Light, Brimstone Fang, Dark Stab, Deep Pain, Ghoul’s Caress, Maraike’s Torpor, Queen Spider’s Blood, The Burden, Tiger Fang.


Healing Remedy, Potion of Greater Healing, Potion of Heroism.


Bane, Bless, Burning Hands, Charm Person, Color Spray, Command, Comprehend Languages, Entangle, Detect Evil and Good, Detect Magic, Detect Poison and Disease, Expeditions Retreat, Faerie Fire, Grease, Guiding Bolt, Inflict Wounds, Jump, Protection from Evil and Good, Shield, Sleep, Thunderwave, Acid Arrow, Barkskin, Blindness, Blur, Darkness, Darkvision, Find Traps, Flame Blade, Flaming Sphere, Hold Person, Invisibility, Knock, Lesser Restoration, Levitate, Magic Weapon, Unknown, Misty Step, Pass Without Trace, Ray of Enfeeblement, Scorching Ray, See Invisibility, Shatter, Silence, Spider Climb, Warding Bond, Spiritual Weapon, Conjure Animals, Counterspell, Daylight, Fear, Fireball, Fly, Haste, Hypnotic Pattern, Lightning Bolt, Mass Healing Word, Protection from Energy, Remove Curse, Revivify, Sleet Storm, Slow, Spirit Guardians, Stinking Cloud, Tongues, Vampiric Touch, Banishment, Black Tentacles, Blight, Confusion, Minor Elementals, Deathward, Dimension Door, Fire Shield, Freedom of Movement, Greater Invisibility, Guardian of Faith, Ice Storm, Phantasmal Killer, Stoneskin, Wall of Fire.

The Arcaneum

Primed Weapons

Dagger, Shortsword, Rapier, Scimitar, Mace, Morningstar, Battleaxe, Greataxe, Greatsword, Shortbow, Longbow.

Primed Armor

Leather, Breastplate, Scale, Chainmail, Half-Plate, Full Plate.




Bane, Bless, Charm Person, Command, Comprehend Languages, Cure Wounds, Detect Evil and Good, Detect Magic, Detect Poison and Disease, Expeditious Retreat, Faerie Fire, Feather Fall, Fog Cloud, Grease, Hideous Laughter, Identify, Jump, Mage Armor, Protection from Evil and Good, Shield of Faith, Sleep, Barkskin, Blur, Darkness, Darkvision, Find Traps, Flame Blade, Flaming Sphere, Invisibility, Knock, Lesser Restoration, Levitate, Shouldnotbeingame, Misty Step, Pass Without Trace, See Invisibility, Silence, Spider Climb, Warding Bond, Counterspell, Daylight, Dispel Magic, Fly, Haste, Hypnotic Pattern, Protection from Energy, Tongues, Banishment, Conjure Minor Elementals, Greater Invisibility, Stoneskin, Conjure Elemental, Dispel Evil and Good

Principality of Masgarth

Yes, these guys apparently have a shop too. Its in the Manacalon Ruins (the location from which you get the crown).


Spellbooks, Rations, Projectile Parts.


Dagger of Acuteness, Mace of Acuteness, Longbow of Accuracy, Chain Mail of Sturdiness, Scale Armor of Sturdiness, Punisher Battleaxe, Souldrinker Dagger, Lightbringer Longbow, Stormbow, Dragonblade, Stormblade Longsword, Bear’s Claw, Morningstar of Power, Black Viper, Medusa Bow, Lightbringer Shortsword, Shortsword of Sharpness, Shortbow of Sharpshooting, Plate Armor of Robustness, Leather Armor of Robustness, Half-Plate of Robustness, Dagger of Sharpness, Battleaxe of Sharpness.

Faction Influence

  • Relationship Tiers appear to exist (in positive) on 4 levels.
  • Indifferent being 0 Relation.
  • Sympathy being (>10<14) Relation.
  • Alliance being (30 or 31) Relation.
  • Brotherhood being (>46) Relation.
  • And Living Legend being (unknown) Relation.

So it looks like the tiers shake out at:

0-14, 15-30, 31-50, 51-80, 81-100

Prefixes & Affixes

  • Acuteness & Sturdiness: basic +1
  • Robustness (Empress Garb also): +2 (Empress Garb has no maximum DEX bonus)
  • Punisher: +1 Attack, +2d6 Piercing
  • Deflection: +1, Resist Piercing
  • Frostburn: +1 Attack, +1d8 Cold
  • Souldrinker: +1 Attack, +2d4 Psychic
  • Sharpness: +2 Attack & Damage, +1d10 Lightning
  • Flame Dancer: +2 AC, Resist Fire
  • Survival: +2 AC, +2 Saves
  • Lightbringer: 1d8 Radiant
  • Doomblade: Save against 1d6 Necrotic, 1d4 Recurring
  • Stormbow: 1d10 Lightning
  • Dragonblade: +2d6 Fire, Recurring 1d6 fire until action used to put out
  • Black Viper: +1 Rapier, +2d6+1 Poison

Sharpness appears to be a non-generic +2 enchantment with a variable but accompanying additional damage die.

Named Weapons: Dragonblade, Black Viper, Stormbow, Punisher, Souldrinker have good additional damage die or effects but are baseline +1 to attack (+0 for Dragonblade).

Written by TetchyPorpoise

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