Knights in the Nightmare – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you Play the Knights in the Nightmare game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • The last part of the tutorial is just tons of info pages that you can skip and just get started playing. You’ll probably want to come back to them as reference later but you can worry about that as you go.
  • If you’ve done the rest of the tutorial you should understand the basics of how the game works. The game is actually very easy other than one or two battles, but it’s very complicated and you’ll probably spend the first half of the game being confused and trying to figure stuff out.
  • By default you will get a bad ending. If this really upsets you, you might want to spoil how to get a good ending. There are also plenty of good reasons to replay the game if you enjoy it too.

Outside of Battle

  • It’s impossible to screw yourself over so don’t worry about it. If you run out of characters, the game assigns you free ones. If you run out of items, you can go to Leveling to get some. Neither of these things are likely to happen though.
  • Leveling up characters gives them more Vitality and very slightly increases their base damage. It also somewhat effects Transoul. The most important thing though, is that it gives them access to stronger weapons.
  • LI and CI are a characters real stats, they determine how much damage you do with those weapon types. Element is also very important since it determines which weapons you can use the High charge attacks with.
  • For weapons, there’s no harm in merging identical ones together, except that you might lose some +bonuses. Upgrading weapons makes them do more damage but in trade they will charge up slower, so it’s not always great to upgrade.
  • You’re going to have a lot of items and characters. Fortunately the game gives you a lot of ways to organize and sort them. Play around with the menus and find the way that’s easiest for you. Personally, for Units I like the list view sorted by Type, and for Items I like the small icon view (also sorted by type).


  • Transoul is kind of obnoxious. Remember to look at the change arrows to see if LI/CI/Vit are going up or down. You will get HUGE boosts in stats if you sacrifice characters who have story relations to one another. You don’t really need to transoul all that much but you might want to just to keep your units organized.
  • If you sacrifice too many souls to the same person, it eventually stops working right and their Vit starts dropping off when you level them up. This takes a long time but if you do something like take a character from level 10 to level 50, it’ll probably happen.
  • How much you extend a character’s ‘max level’ by is kind of a mystery, but it seems like you get less levels for character who have been leveled up. In other words, you want to sacrifice units who are not near their max level in order to increase the receiver’s max level the most. YMMV though so feel free to experiment.


Hide Button. It’s your friend. While hiding the battlefield is cleaner, you can’t select anything, and you take less damage. Hide whenever you aren’t purposefully doing something.

The three most important factors in how much damage you deal are:

  1. The Weapon’s Element (vs the Enemy’s).
  2. The Weapon’s Damage Value.
  3. The Character’s CI/LI Value.

  • Knowing how each unit type attacks and moves is also very important. You’ll want to shuffle around characters as needed to get the best attacks you can.
  • For Movement, Dualists can jump upwards and Knights can charge in any direction. However, Knights can’t change heights even though jump can. So you can get units ‘stuck’ up in high places. Just think before you jump and it’s no big deal.
  • You lose 1 durability for every turn an item is set regardless of how it’s used. So reuse items as much as possible (IE use 2 knights so they can share) and don’t set them unless you are going to use them. You get so many items it doesn’t matter for common stuff, but if you have a weapon you really like, keep an eye on it.
  • Some weapons charge faster than others, some weapons generate more gems than others. If you find a weapon that’s really good, try to remember it and abuse it.
  • Take the time to break everything that says it can be broken, you’ll find key items or extra items from them.
  • You can tell how many gems enemies will generate by either the thickness of the fog, or how full the current L/C icon is. Regular attacks don’t change this value at all but still generate a full helping of gems.
  • Key Items which can be used on someone in the current battle are highlighted in Yellow in the item list. Make sure you use them all before the battle is over.

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