Resident Evil 4 – Ultimate Yellow Herb Guide

Lists yellow herb locations for Resident Evil 4’s main game, separate ways, and assignment ada. With pictures!

Yellow Herb Locations List

Main Game – Chapter 1

For the majority of the Main Game, each Subsection of a Chapter will have at least one Yellow Herb. The exceptions to this are Chapters 3-3 and 4-2, which have none.

With that out of the way, let’s begin our search, Stranger.

1 – 1

Main Village

Near the small open stable with the lone cow, break a crate on a table for the game’s first Yellow Herb.

1 – 2

The Valley

Before using both half-medallions to leave the area, check inside the barn. There are two lockers that you can open, with one holding a Yellow Herb.

1 – 3

The Lake

On your way to your fight with Del Lago, keep your eye out for a little cabin. A Yellow Herb is in it. (There’s also a nearby Red Herb up on the hill by the tree where you can use your binoculars.) If you forget to pick it up BEFORE the fight, be warned, as a number of Colmillos (the infested wolves) will be guarding it on your way back.

Main Game – Chapter 2

2 – 1

El Gigante Boss Fight

In the circular area with the crows from before you’ll find your first El Gigante boss fight. Unlike before, a Yellow Herb now awaits for you on a wheelbarrow. Keep your eye out for a Red Herb in the arena, too.

2 – 2

The Cabin

Near the door and chimney on the first floor will be a Yellow Herb. As before, a red one is nearby.

2 – 3

The Barn (Chief Mendez boss fight)

This Yellow Herb will be upstairs on a windowsil. You can pick it up after you deal with The Big Cheese but whatever you do, don’t leave until you pick it up. Once you leave, you cannot re-enter the building.

Main Game – Chapter 3

3 – 1

Castle Siege

While dodging burning boulders being brought down upon you by catapults, you’ll notice a small building upstairs. Head in and open the small Treasure Chest for another Yellow Herb.

Upper Dungeon

In front of the two statues of fire-breathing horses, break the barrels to find a Yellow Herb.

3 – 2

Castle Sewer

As you as Bugbust the sewer (that doubles as a dungeon?), you’ll notice the holding cells. Explore them all of course but be sure to grab the Yellow Herb before you leave.

Goat Ornament Room

Turn right as the party begins. Go through the door and up the stairs for the Yellow Herb.

Garden (Hedge Maze)

3 – 3

A Guide to Nowhere


3 – 4

Ashley’s Bizarre Adventure

Once you gain control of Ashley, refrain from rushing forward and alerting the enemy on patrol. Instead, while you’re still near the typewriter, check the corner for a Yellow Herb. It is the only Yellow one you can find as Ashley.

You do not have to use it on Ashley as all items and money found while playing as her will be transferred to Leon once they are reunited.

Main Game – Chapter 4

4 – 1

Royal Hallway

In the zone that has the King and Queen tributes, a room with a Merchant/Typewriter combo, go right for the King’s Grail fight. The Yellow Herb is on the table by the memo.

The Bottom of the Pit

After successfully surviving the trap door (and that QTE), you’ll be chilling with the Merchant and a bunch of corpses on spikes. Look around for a Yellow Herb nearby.

4 – 2

Address Unknown

None. Weird, right?

4 – 3

Underground Ruins

In top floor of the “Stone Fort” with the two Chainsaw Men (There is one per floor).

4 – 4

The Tower

Instead of chasing up after Salazar immediately after the cutscene (and QTE), stay on the ground floor, move forward and to the left. Behind some large crates you’ll find a Treasure Chest with this area’s Yellow Herb.

Main Game – Chapter 5

5 – 1

Monitor Room (aka Wine Cellar)

After going through the kitchen, head left and downstairs into the wine cellar. In the same room you find the briefcase with the Red Stone of Faith you’ll find this Yellow Herb in a small room under the stairs.

Waste Disposal Security Room

Across the control panel for the security controls you’ll find a Yellow Herb out in the open. It’s fairly obvious and hard to miss.

Communications Tower

After retriving the keycard to save Ashley from the Iron Maiden, ignore your instinct to immediately turn back to free her. Instead, keep going through the lab and out the door to the apparent dead end. Break open the barrels to find another Yellow Herb. As this is a completely skippable area in the Main Game, don’t forget to stop by.

Note: Although this path doesn’t seem to have much importance aside from the Yellow Herb and the Merchant, you’ll find this area much more useful later as Ada.

5 – 2

End of the Line

After dealing with the long industrial hall of doors and regenerators, you’ll come to a fork in the road. Left to continue the story and right for a small room. In the middle of your two choices lies another Yellow Herb.

5 – 3

Before IT

As you prepare to fight U-3, you’ll notice a torn cage with the Yellow Herb. If you forget to pick this one up, you can come back here after the boss fight using a lift.

Military Camp

After defeating U-3 you’ll go up some ladders. Once you’re back outside, use the element of surprise to take out the encampment by shooting some patended red barrels. Once you’ve done that and taken care of the stragglers, avoid doing down the ladder in the tent until you go to the right. Near the fence and a decent view you’ll find another Yellow Herb.

The Tower of Krauser

Before picking up the key item up top with your final battle with Krauser you will find a Yellow Herb down the stairs.

5 – 4

The Siege

As Mike is providing you air support, keep your eye out for a Yellow Herb on the ground floor. It is in the barrel after the door with the padlock.


Before checking out the spooky cells, keep your eyes open for an open door that turns right and leads to an easy Yellow Herb.

Outside Passage

As you battle another Gatling Gunner and a small brigade of soldiers, open an upstairs locker for this Yellow Herb.

5 – 5

Lab Exit

After removing the parasite from yourself and Ashley, you’ll be on your way to the Final Fight. Before checking up with the Merchant and Typewriter one last time, pick this Yellow Herb up on your way out.

Assignment Ada

Assignment Ada is the original post-game content that has been in RE4 since the original GameCube release. This mini-campaign is different from the Main Game and Separate Ways in that the Merchant and typewriter (and therefore, saving) are unavailable. It must be completed in one sitting.

There are total of Seven Yellow Herbs in Assignment Ada.

First Area (Outside)

1. Rather than taking the right path and charging into the fortified area, turn left, and go up a cliff. There will be two crates. Break them for a Yellow Herb in one.

2. The next one is in the same “area” (the game doesn’t have to load). In the door you melt as Leon in the Main game, look behind the sandbags for the second Yellow Herb.

Second Area (Outside)

3. Jump over the cliff turn right into the “cave” area.

The Labs

4. In the room where the first Regenerator is spotted in the main game, there are two enemies. Kill them and break the glass for the fourth Yellow Herb.

5. In the Hallway outside where Ashley is held prisoner in the Main Game, keep your eye on the ground to the right for your next Yellow Herb.

6. After dealing with a JJ and his squad of Riot Shield buddies, go down the hallway. Two dynamite stick throwers will open a door to ambush you. Kill them and enter their little room for another Yellow Herb. (It replaces the Typewriter from the Main Game.)

7. The Last Yellow Herb is in the Sterile Room with the second-to-last sample. It is conviently laid out with a green and red herb next to it as well.

Separate Ways

Separate Ways is the more fully-featured of the two unlockable Ada campaigns. Like the Main Game (and unlike Assignement Ada), this mode does include the Merchant and Typewriter.

There are a total of 13 Yellow Herbs in Separate Ways.

Chapter 1

The Village

Go behind the stable that contains the cow. Break the crate on a table for your first Yellow Herb.

Church Exterior

Check the small building in front of the graveyard and break the crate for this area’s Yellow Herb.

And this is unrelated to the herbs, but in case you forget the combination to the dial puzzle, it’s 3 – 3 -3 4 – 4 – 4 – 3.

Chapter 2

Lift Control Room

Go to the Merchant’s right and enter the building to find a Yellow Herb in one of the lockers.

The Barn

Where you would fight Mendez in the Main Game, turn right as you approach. The Yellow Herb will be near the Leon’s future exit point.

Chapter 3

Garden (aka Hedge Maze)

In a dead end. Go over the land bridge and turn right. At one of the empty dog catches, run ahead and take the THIRD right.

Locked Room

Go to the room where Ashley and Leon can piggyback up to find the Broken Butterfly. After clicking on the locked door, use your grappling hook to enter through the high window. Instead of finding Ocelot’s 2nd favorite revolver, you can find the Yellow Herb in one of the smaller treasure chests.

Chapter 4

The Tunnel

When nearing the end of the tunnel, instead of using the Hookshot to go up and progess on the walkway, turn around and hookshot up to an above pipe that doesn’t seem big enough to support you. It can. Go through the new area and then jump down for a Yellow Herb and other items.

Industrial Warehouse

You’ll see this one on the other side of a locked door. Proceed through the level but don’t forget to pick this Yellow Herb up when you’re dealing with guys when you’re finally at it.

Bulldozer Wreckage

When in the mini “throne room,” keep going back until you find the ruined bulldozer. Another Yellow Herb will be there.

Chapter 5

Enemy Camp

The first Yellow Herb here is pretty easy to spot. After fighting JJ and grabbing the nearly invisible blue eye up top, you’ll find this one near a land bridge.

The second Yellow Herb in this area is easy to miss. Jump down to the tents before entering the final warzone.

The Helicopter Crash

After paying your respects to Mike, go down the narrow hall and break the barrel for another Yellow Herb.


Final Yellow Herb in Separate Ways is near a small room by the Merchant and Typewriter. Be careful not to let the enemies kill your favorite entrepreneur.

And with that, our time has finally come to an end. I hope you found this guide useful.

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