Amplitude: A Visual Novel – Endings Guide

This guide will help you reach your intended endings. As difficult as it can be since this is *the* endings guide, I’m keeping this spoiler-free.

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The key you must remember here is the text Miss Xero sends you early in the game: Roses are red, that part is true, but violets are purple, not blue.

The red and blue bar at the bottom of your status screen is the hidden moral stat. The redder the bar is, the higher your evil score is. Overall, getting the good and true ending is pretty easy as long as you’re not too nice.

Ending List (#END)

Bad Ending #1

As Katy, ‘Negotiate’ with Michelle on May 8th.

Bad Ending #2

Choose to avenge your death.

Bad Ending #3

Evil<50 on May 8th.

Good Ending

Evil >=50 on May 8th. Practice 0-1 time.
You will also get to see a good character ending for the one whose path you maxed. If you max no one, you will only see your personal good ending.

True Ending

Evil >=50 on May 8th and practice at least twice. For ???’s true ending on Katy’s path, you must have >160 Knowledge. You will also get to see a true character ending for the one whose path you maxed. If you max no one, you will only see your personal good ending.

Evil Scenes (#EVI)

While the evil bar can be subtly increased or decreased by your actions and choices in daily lives, there are several events that would greatly affect your moral bar (>=10 points change).

Malkav Internship:

  • Choosing to fight back (+30 evil)
  • Choosing to calm her down (-20 evil)

Library Donation:

  • Donate 20.000 omegas (-30 evil)
  • Donate 5.000 omegas (-15 evil)
  • Do not donate while having >20.000 omegas (+35 evil)
  • Do not donate while having >5.000 omegas (+20 evil)

Mono’s offer on the Band Festival:

  • Choosing to pay the price (-15 evil)
  • Choosing to let Michelle do it (+20 evil)

Adam’s house:

  • Choosing to leave the painting (+15 evil)
  • Offering to finish the painting (-10 evil)

Jon’s house scene (May 8th):

  • Choosing to wait (+25 evil)

The Malkav Ball:

  • Choosing to help Eric (-15 evil)
  • Choosing to go to safety (+15 evil)
  • Choosing to help Theo (-10 evil)
  • Choosing to stop Simon (-15 evil)
  • Choosing to escape with Bunny (+10 evil)

The Band Festival:

  • Choosing to just attack (+15 evil)

Katy’s beginning:

  • Choosing to be angry at Simon (+10 evil)
  • Choosing to state the cops deserve it (+15 evil)
  • Asking for Cam’s responsibility for the cop (-10 evil)

Club Activities and quests:

  • Getting the Cursed Doll from the sewing club (+10 evil)
  • Getting the Cursed Doll from the Hairdresser (+10 evil)
  • Ask for share on an account hack (+10 evil)
  • Report hacking (=10 evil)
  • Completing ‘Girl Talk’ (+10 evil)
  • Make wonder potion for Tae and ask what it’s for (+15 evil)
  • Complete ‘Robots can love too!’ (+15 evil)
  • Slam and fight the vending machine after obtaining the Cursed Doll (+10 evil)
  • In ‘Revenge Vandalism’, choose to help (+15 evil)
  • In ‘Revenge Vandalism’, choose not to help (-10 evil)
  • Let Famine go at the end of ‘Revenge Vandalism’ (-15 evil)
  • Fail the ‘Dog Soup’ quest (+30 evil)
  • Successfully find an owner for the dog (-15 evil)
  • Get Cursed Doll from the quest ‘Dog Soup’ (+30 evil)
  • Complete the quest ‘Photo Quest’ (+10 evil)
  • Help Dae repair the book (-10 evil)
  • Fail to help Dae repair the book (+10 evil)
  • Finish ‘Cleaning Day’ (-10 evil)

Relationship Routes:

  • On Luna’s first photoshoot, choose to stay there (+10 evil)
  • When Simon asks why you and Bunny visit the bar, tell him it’s to get guys (+10 evil)
  • Help Simon for free (-10 evil)
  • Conversation with Eric, choose ‘If you say so.’ (+10 evil)
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