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Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Dedicated Follower Of Fashion Achievement Guide (Definitive Edition)

Written by Silent Symphony   /   Updated: June 3, 2021    

Alternate method of attaining the Hare-Raiser outfit.

How to Attain Hare-Raiser Outfit

This should be the last outfit you need for the achievement.

First you must get every other outfit in the game for all characters.

Then you switch to "2D Mode" at any Church or Priest and play from the chapter "A Dark New World".

Make sure to make a different save for 2D mode as you will not be able to return to where you left off in 3D.

Play through until you get to Jades quest.

Achievement unlocks when you regain control of Jade after you meet Booga.

The reason this works is because all equipment carries over into 2D and the Outfit Booga forces Jade to wear IS the Hare-Raiser outfit, so if you have have every other outfit unlocked before doing this, the moment you are in control of Jade again it counts as a full set, then you should be awarded with the achievement.

Written by Silent Symphony.