Mafia – Stuck at Mission 19? Here’s the Fix!

Mission 19 – FPS Issue

I was stuck at Mission 19 in Mafia. When it came to loading up boxes into the truck, every time at half of the task, the security forces started to shoot me.

I’ve run through several gameplay videos, solutions but couldn’t find what the issue was. I was doing everything in compliance with them.

Until I reminded myself the trouble with GTA 3D series on modern PCs.

The FPS lock!

Yes, I have a global setting for my FPS as 60, to correlate with my screen and everything in Mafia up to this point worked perfectly, however, when it comes to these damn crates in Mission 19, it just screwed up whole task.

So, if you have problems like me with Mission 19, that the security starts shooting you in the middle of the quest, the solution to this is to limit the FPS for Mafia to 30 per second.

This will fix the damn problem! 

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